Massachusetts Lane Journal

From Lowell Girl to Labor Reform Leader

The Sarah Scoop

Sarah G. Bagley is leading women in a protest of textile mill conditions! Bagley is responsible for establishing the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association in 1844 in Lowell, Masschusetts. Bagley believes that mill life is dangerous and long, and she wants to do something abot it. To promote her ideas, she and her supporters are passing out pamphlets and petitions. She has given a number of speeches and is likely to give more. Additionally, she is hoping to influence officials to the point that they lower the 14-hour workdays to 10-hour workdays. She is also a likely candidate for the vice president of the New England Working Men's Association. As Bagley says, "Do you really think we go to the mills because we want to? It is only so we can help our families earn money."

Wanted: Family of Large Size and Ready to Work!

Work With Us in Slatersville!

We need a big family that would like to work with us in the Rhode Island System. You will be working in the mills and have your work divided into simple tasks. Housing will be provided. No special education or experience is required; all we need is an honest, hardworking family!