Here's Some Use for Mother Goose!

By Kayla Forsythe

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What is the use for Mother Goose?

As teachers sometimes we have a hard time finding great stories to teach our children the way of rhyming while also keeping them entertained. The collections and variations of the timeless Mother Goose nursery rhymes are a great resource for referencing the literary device of rhyming! These different stories are not only classics but also very diverse. Take a look at some of the wonderful options available.

Sometimes access to certain resources are limited, especially with the extensive cost of books these days. You're in luck! The loveable Mother Goose is now available online with one easy click! Just click on the heading above and you will be taken straight to mother goose online. Try it on the SMARTboard with your students!
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The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright

This older version of Mother Goose nursery rhymes contains all of the classic tales in just one book! Allow your students to view words and writing styles from another time period while still studying the perfect rhyme.



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