ceder point

Buy your tickets now! Best place on earth!

There is a lot of fun in ceder point with over 300 things to do in are park.

You can go to the huge rider or the spray park or go to the kids center.You can go to the 0 feet all the way up to 300 feet in the air.
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We have different areas in are park.

We have area with a water park for kids and family and a lot love it. We have the big rides in the middle and around the park. We have the kid park for the 3 year and older and everyone buys a animal for there kids and has there time of there life here.If you ever come to Ohio try to go to ceder point.
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All the fun here.

We have a lot of fun here so if you ever are in Ohio we can have the fast passes for the faster line and the long line for less money and we make your day and try to get everyone's day. So we can have a family time with the whole family. So if you ever come over here try to come to ceder point for the time of your life.