the FALL/WINTER 2013 Collection

is FINALLY here!

Hoopla was AMAZING!!

From the new collection including new scarves, new bags, new poufs and OF COURSE new jewelry, to the innovations with credit card processing and invitation system, I could NOT be more excited for the upcoming months into the HOLIDAY SEASON.....

This is going to be a huge time of growth for stella&dot and there is NO REASON not to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Just so YOU know...

this email is only going to a select few who I am their up line leader....


1. Sutton Necklace- can be worn five ways... huge selling point

2. allegra necklace- great price point

3. mae necklace/summerville necklace and christina link

4. sanibel pendant in gold

5. trinity pendant

6. monterey necklace in silver

7. interlock heart necklace

8. interlock cross necklace in gold

9. etoile pendant

10. kahlo linear earrings

11. peacock chandeliers

12. allegra earrings

13. twila drops

14. isla drops

15. nancy studs

16. linda studs

17. ivie bangle

18. adelina cuff

19.moxie stretch bracelet

20.odeon stretch bracelets

21.union square scarf - frieda print

22. mini ipad case in metallic

23. leopard pouf

24. mercer zip wallet basket weave

25. mariposa getaway bag

26. HDSDI tote in metallic

I do not think that you need to get all of these to start but many of you have asked my favorites, so here they are:)

Happy New YEAR with Stella&Dot!!!!

After Hoopla, we all start fresh! No matter what the circumstances you can kick your business into high gear RIGHT now!!!!

I would love to help you create what success means to you and your family this fall!
Let me know how I can help!

one of my favorite quotes,

"she believed she could, so she did"

for the next 90 days commit to doing at least ONE thing a day to move your business forward... at the end of 90 days you will have done 90 things.... think about that. Time passes anyway, make it count!



If you are in Atlanta, I am having an open house on July 23rd from 10am to 2pm for you to stop by and see the collection. If that time does not work for you, let me know and I can hook you up with another amazing leader in your area!