Food Shortages in the South

Maya Green

Why can nobody seem to get enough food?

As the Civil War continues to rage on, it's impact is creating a disastrous situation for those living in the South. The lack of food available are connected to three major problems: Since the Confederacy is putting so much money into making a powerful army there is not much left for anything else. Also the Union's advantage of occupying food growing areas, and lastly the loss of slaves to work in the fields. Which is leaving people starving and desperate.

What does the future hold?

What to do?

Not only has food been taken away but because of the Union blockade of Southern ports, there are also shortages of items like salt, sugar, coffee, nails, needles, and medicines. If this progresses any longer people won't keep standing for it any longer. I guess the only choice is for people to take what they need and riot. If this does not end soon I see smuggling only resulting.