Judgements in Walk Two Moons

Kelsey McNemar

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Sharon Chreech's Walk Two Moons is about a 13 yer old girl named Sal, who goes on a road trip to Lewiston, Idaho, with her grandparents, to visit her mom's grave. While she is on the road trip she tells her grandparents a story about her friend, Phoebe, and the disappearing mother.


Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses Judgement to help the characters learn the lesson of not judging someone quickly.

Judgement #1 - Mrs. Cadaver

A quick judgement that was made, in the book was that Mrs. Cadaver was cray and killed her husband. The first time Phoebe made a notable quick assumption, was when she tells Sall why she said "Why Mrs.Cadaver scares me half to death"(Creech 23) , and what she thinks happened to Mr. Cadaver. Phoebe says that Mrs. Cadaver killed Mr. Cadaver and buried him in the back yard. However the truth was Mr. Cadaver died in a car crash almost a year ago. Through the use of judgment the characters learn a lesson of not judging people quickly.
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Judgement #2 - Mr. Birkway

Another quick judgement that was made was that Mr. Birkway helped Mrs. Cadaver kill her husband. When Phoebe spots Mr. Birkway helping Mrs. Cadaver plant bushes, she thinks to herself "maybe there is something under hidden under there (referring to to the bushes"(Creech 86). She also makes the assumption that "maybe Mr. Birkway helped her (Mrs. Cadaver) chop up her husband and burry him(Creech 86). But in reality Mr. Birkway and Mrs. Cadaver are siblings and where just helping out their blind mothers. Macking quick assumptions about people leads the characters to learn the lesson of not judging someone quickly
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