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June 2018

Google Teacher Tribe Podcasts

Click here for some dynamic podcasts from educators around the world:

TEKS Curriculum Mini-Conferences

June 20, 2018

July 24, 2018

August 7, 2018

ESC Region 11 is looking to showcase successful implementation of curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies during our 1st TEKS Curriculum Mini-Conferences. Educators who attend will be able to learn, share, and network to create professional learning communities in the core areas of ELAR, Math, Science and Social Studies. These conferences are offered at no charge to district who purchase the TEKS Resource System contract.

Space is limited so register early!

Registration Links

June 20, 2018 -

July 24, 2018 -

August 7, 2018 -

Thais C. Mitchell, M.Ed.

Education Service Center Region 11

Phone: 817-740-3679/Fax: 817-740-3622



TEKS Resource Page

Here is the TEKS resource page.

Grading Policy

BJH teachers have developed the following grading policy for the 2017-2018 School Year:

  • Daily grades = 50%; tests/projects/major grades = 50% (Algebra reflects high school policy 60/40)
  • There will be a minimum of 8-10 daily grades each six weeks.
  • There will be a minimum of 2-4 test/project/major grades each six weeks.
  • Grades will be posted to parent portal no later than 1 week from the due date of the assignment
  • Work missed as a result of an unexcused absence will receive a grade no higher than a 70.

*Individual teacher discretion regarding his/her late work policy.

Interventions and Strategies

Thank you Mrs. James for sharing this amazing Smore page full of resources! Click here to access strategies that can be used for students with slower processing speeds, visual / auditory processing issues, working memory, etc. Be sure and scroll to the bottom of the page as it has links to specific subject areas.

Walton Family Foundation - Bass Hall Shows

The Children’s Education Program Schedule is now available. You can go online [] and book your students for programming. We are in the third year of a 3 year cycle and we have been gratified by the kind words written about our program to the Walton Family Foundation by many of the “Walton Schools” in Palo Pinto and Parker County.