20 Minute Challenge and...

My BigAss Birthday BLITZ!

Sponsored by the Amazing INTERNATIONAL Ruby Red STAR - EMILY LUCAS!

Emily's Top Tip:

"My top tip is to take part of all the team blitzes and challenges. Use the WTS and images that are given to you. Works every time!"

- Emily Lucas...International STAR!

It's a BIG BIG BIG Ass Birthday Blitz

Go Big or Go Home Stella Sisters! We're so big we're international! I've partnered with our Ruby Red Star, Emily Lucas, (who happens to live in LONDON) to make my birthday great! It's my last year in my 30's....let's get CRAZY!

What makes me happier than anything?? TRUNK SHOWS! Actually in all seriousness....if I could choose one of my top three things to do on any given night....a rockin' trunk show with & fun hostess is on that list! I know it is for YOU TOO!

Find the "OFFICIAL POST" on our team page - every time you book a trunk show reply in the comments and you're entered to WIN!

So let's do this - let's add a MASSIVE amount of February Trunk Shows today! For the LOVE of the Trunk Show and for my BigAss Birthday Blitz!! Emily is gifting a super chic and fun gift basket all the way from London! You'll feel super special when you get all her fabulous treats from across the pond. And I'm gifting my favorite fragrance (I've actually worn it to every Stella & Dot trunk show since I started...Chanel Chance). Our current trunk show pipeline is at 239 team shows. And if we get our team pipeline to over 300 shows by Friday....I'm giving away another bottle!


  • Use The Words To Say...get after your WDYK List
  • Tonight Home Office is helping you out with a MEGA BOOKING BLITZ! Dial in for a kick off call at 6, 7, or 8 CST and then blitz with fellow stylists for an hour! They are giving away lots of FAB prizes...including Stella McCartney SWAG! Here is the link

Words To Say

Hi Jane,
Brrrrrr. Can you believe how cold it is!? It's actually so cold I've thought about staying in for the rest of the month. But rumor has it that February is the month to get your girlfriends together! Trunk Show attendance super high - everyone wants a reason to get out of their house and get into a friend's house ;) So...what do you say we do a fun little "Cabin Fever" party. We can do it from 7-9...so just wine and something sweet. No need for food! Your girlfriends will LOVE sipping and shopping together! OH...and you'll get a fun little shopping spree for hosting! Think $$$hundreds$$$ in free accessories! I can do Wednesday the 24th or Thursday the 25th. Let me know if one of those dates work...I'm super excited about this! If it's not for you - that's totally okay! Just let me know as I for sure going to book one of those nights! I've got CABIN FEVER ;) xoxo - Tara

All The Skinny on the Home Office Blitz TONIGHT!

DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS!? Wednesday evening is MEGA heart emoticon BOOKING BLITZ NIGHT! Check out call info in Stellaverse


It is Valentines LOVE Week and YOUR Home Office and Top Leaders Allyson Feller Houchen, Missy Hauck Bryan & Jenny Foley are ready to help you spread the S&D LOVE and earn more by Booking and Sponsoring THIS WEEK.

Join at the top of the hour (4pm, 5pm & 6pm PT) for a 15 min rev up with top tips and words and then be ready to get off the phone and reach out to book and sponsor that NIGHT. Each Trunk Show you book will also get you an entry into our mega drawing for some mega prizes INCLUDING STELLA MCCARTNEY SWAG!


All About Emily!

Her Gift:
I am gifting a basket of all my favorite things from London! Oxford Street soap from the massive Lush Store on Oxford Street, Whittard tea, Relax and Revive oils from the beauty store next to my flat, London Starbucks mug, and goodies from one of my favortie stores Cath Kidston. These are some of things from London I absolutely love! XoXo

Her Bio:

I am from Chicago but I am currently living in London with my family. I has a daughter, Kennedy who is 2.5 and a son, Parker who is 1. They are my why! London is ridiculously expensive so when we moved I needed to find flexible income that allows Parker and Kennedy to experience all London as to offer while I stay home with them.

Her 2016 Goal:

My 2016 goal is to grow my team and regularly hit Star!

My top tip is to take part of all the team blitzes and challenges. Use the WTS and images that are given to you. Works every time!