Riveting Rabbits

By: Carleigh F.

A Rabbits ecosystem

Rabbits live in lush forests with lots of plants and animals. Also the rabbits ecosystem is very great for the air because the trees purify the polluted air from cars and other sources of pollution. Some of the living factors that affect a rabbits life are berry bushes , foxes, wolves and other plants the rabbit eats. Some of the abiotic factors that affect a rabbits life are the sun which gives energy to the plants that the rabbit eats and the weather in the habitat where the rabbit lives.
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Picture of Rabbit in its Natural Habitat

Rabbit Food Chain

The rabbits food chain consist of many factors that eat and get eaten by the rabbit. First the sun gives energy to the grass which get eaten by the rabbit. The rabbit unfortunately gets eaten by a snake which gets eaten by an owl. To end this food chain a fungi or mushroom will break down the deceased owl which converts into compost for the grass to grow, producing more food for the rabbit to eat.
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A Rabbits Food Web

A rabbits food web contains many animals and factors affecting a rabbit's lifespan. First the sun always provides energy for plants like berry bushes which the rabbit eats giving the rabbit energy. Then the snake which can get eaten by or eats the owl. The grass gets eaten by the grasshopper and the deer gets eaten by the wolf and the grasshopper gets eaten by the owl. And when all the animals decease they get broken down into new energy for the soil and the process starts all over again.
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Hunting Rabbits

I do not think that rabbits are very good animals for humans to hunt because they provide a source of food for many animals like snakes, owls and foxes. Also rabbits help keep the grass and berries In the forest from over growing. Rabbits also produce CO2 as the rabbit breaths out therefore fewer rabbits would cause an in-balance In its ecosystem.

Hunting rabbits would effect both animals and plants in its ecosystem. The foxes that eat the rabbits would die off because lack of food. The other animals that get eaten by the fox will overpopulate then causing the entire ecosystem to fall apart.

Then the other side of the story is that not hunting rabbits would cause over population of the species. Therefore causing the rabbits to eat all of the grass and berries and creating a lack of food for all second level and up consumers. There needs to be a proper balance of the right population of rabbits to complete the ecosystem.

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