Articles made anew!

Will it make it or break us?

The Second Continental congress just made new revises to the Articles of Confederation! Will these changes finally fix our issues as a country or just make them worse?

Advantages of the revisions!

Out of this, the states of a whole now have:

  • A unified army
  • A legislature where each state has one vote
  • Government was able to build and control an army
  • Government has the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states

Disadvantages of the revisions!

The government might have messed up this time, what do you think? Here are some things they missed out on:

  • National government can't enforce laws
  • National government cannot tax
  • 9 out of 13 states' approval needed to pass laws
  • Need all 13 states' approval to amend laws
  • States will now suffer economically, especially when they start taxing one another

What went wrong?!

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As a collective opinion from all of us that work here, the congress made the central government extremely weak. We all think it was to do with the fear they have with where they came form. The people don't want a monarchy like Britain was, so the people were trying to distribute power, but they have yet to find the happy medium. The government needs to hold power, but not enough where it becomes tyrannical.