Principal's Newsletter

End of the Year Newsletter / Winthrop Middle School

Important/Fun Dates

  • June 5th = 8th Grade Science Fair
  • June 6th-9th = 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip
  • June 7th = Math Carnival
  • June 8th or 9th (pending weather) = 6th Grade Jaguars Greek/Field Day
  • June 12th = 7th Grade Field Trip to Georges Island
  • June 12th = 8th Grade Brain Day
  • June 12th or 13th = (pending weather) = 6th Grade Lions Greek/Field Day
  • June 13th = 8th Grade Field Trip to Canobie Lake
  • June 16th = 7th Grade Field Day
  • June 19th = 8th Grade Moving On Rehearsal
  • June 19th = 6th Grade Team Awards
  • June 19th = 7th Grade Team Awards
  • June 19th = 8th Grade Team Awards
  • June 19th = 8th Grade Moving On Dance
  • June 20th = 8th Grade Moving On Ceremony
  • June 20th = Last Day of School (Early Release)

Cast and Crew of Shrek Jr Receive Nominations from METG!

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Winthrop Middle School's Drama Society's Shrek Jr who received 4 nominations for the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild's MET (musical theatre) awards. The awards recognize excellence in musical theatre performances at middle school's and high school's through our Massachusetts in the 2016-2017 school years. Nominations include:

Heather Buccini (8th) for best leading actress

Jenny Delehanty (6th) and Michael Callanan (6th) for best featured actor / actress

Will Gillis (7th) for excellence in sound design and execution.

The award ceremony is at the end of month where the Club will find out what they won.

*Unfortunately, no pictures of Will GIllis due to his superb work behind the scenes.

WMS Select Band Wins Gold at the Great East Festivals!

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WMS Sweeps! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place at Law Day!

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Congratulations to Spelling Bee Champion and Runner Ups

First Place - Ryan Gagnon

Runner Up - Bryan Conceicao

Runner Up - Ivy Crespo

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Summer Reading & Summer Math

Prior to summer vacation, summer reading and math will be posted on our school website. We, here at Winthrop Middle School, feel it's extremely important for our students to read and work on math skills during the summer so our students don't fall behind but most importantly - continue to grow academically. In addition, summer is also a time for our students to spend time with their families and friends. We try very hard to provide students with engaging books and math assignments in order for our students to make the most of their summer.