Bengal Tiger

By Ricardo Ramos

Bangal Tigers

Bangal Tigers is one of the biggest cat in cat family people are killing them to get skin and sell and to eat and governer try to make laws to save but they don't stop,save bangal tiger.
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What thay eat

The Bangal tiger can eat buffalo,gaur,sambar,nilgai,and other animal but if the animal is faster then tiger it runs away,tiger swim to get fish,and eat zebra and birds.

How much thay can grow and how fast they run.

Bangalore tiger can run up to 60 mp and can cache its pray with the speed it has,bangal tiger can grow up to 3.6 feet and it's roar can hear up to 2 miles.
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The good things why we should save them

There roar can hear up to 2 miles,animals we'll get more bigger and kill people and the tiger can hunt them and not grow as big like wild hoggs,tiger can hear things from long distance and can be alerted and hide to get its pray,tiger can run up to 60mp and run to kill its pray but if something is faster then the tiger it stops and look for outher pray.

Food cahain

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They live in India,Bhutan and Nepal,Bangladesh and stay in grass lands and swamp and jungle.

What's is his enemy

They don't have a enemy because their tiger but the bear is a threat to the tiger cause their big claws and how big they are and can kill a cub or a adult tiger.
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How many are left

There 2,500 in the world but scientists are tracking tiger in world and its increasing,but it was decreasing cause thay think there bad and kill people that's why they kill Bengal tiger but some kill them for their skins and meat to eat and some people start a fire and destroy they're habitat.