Orlando Science Schools Lynx Campus

Issue 2

Weekly Newsletter: August 21, 2020

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Principal's Corner

Dear Orca Families and Students,

Thank you for your support of Orlando Science Schools! I hope everyone had a great second week of school and ready for a successful year! Today is an important day as we are transitioning to new school year with the full implementation of our school learning plans, Traditional in-School and Innovative e-Learning. From Monday, August 10th to Thursday, August 20th, all students were scheduled in the e-Learning platforms and they were able to get started the new school year with an adjusted pacing. Starting from today, all learning groups are fully focusing on the new school year in their corresponding learning models. I would like to wish each one of the Orcas the best and successful school year! We are the great Orca Family and we work together to succeed and overcome any challenges!

This week, I would like to introduce you to Ms. Estella Lavoy as our new secretary at the Lynx campus. We are very excited to have Ms. Lavoy in our Orca Family! She has a great many years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school. She will continue to serve the students and families at Orlando Science Schools. Welcome to the Orca Family, Ms. Lavoy. We are glad you are here!

Parents, please review the OSS Health and Safety COVID-19 Procedures and COVID-19 Student Screening Scenarios Flow Chart below and reach out to your school if you have any questions or updates about children’s health. I believe that parent partnerships are the key to keeping our students, teachers, and other families safe during this pandemic. I thank you for your support and contribution in advance.

Orcas may apply for federal Free and Reduced Lunch. Please see the details and application link below. Please act fast. The deadline for new applications, and the expiration of last year’s benefits, is September 23.

For Orcas enrolled in our Innovative e-Learning Program, Grab and Go meals are available to all OCPS students at their Zoned Schools. Details may be found below.

This Saturday, our Robotics Team will host an informational online meeting. You will find more information under the Upcoming Events section below.

Each week our "Weekly Newsletter" will be sent home via email and may also be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our weekly newsletters are a great resource to stay in the know of everything going on at our Lynx Campus. This week's newsletter is filled with many important reminders and announcements to start our year off on the right foot!

The information about the Picture Days and Curriculum Nights will be forthcoming in our next week’s newsletter.

Just a reminder that parents should not be dropping off or picking up their students at the front desk. Please use the car line both in the mornings and the afternoons. There will be no pickup from the front desk after 2:30PM, 1:30PM on Wednesdays.

We are looking forward to another fantastic year at Orlando Science Lynx Campus!

Go Orcas, Strive for Excellence!


Abdulaziz Yalcin, M.Ed


Orlando Science Schools-Middle/High


Orlando Science School is committed to the safety and well being of our students and staff. Please see the detailed flow chart and review the safety procedures we are following every day. We look forward to a healthy and productive year. Go Orcas!
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As students in Orange County Public Schools, OSS Orcas may apply for the federal free/reduced lunch program. Please visit OCPS's website for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) or use the button below to fill out the application. A new application must be completed each school year.


Beginning Monday, August 10, Orange County Public Schools’ Food and Nutrition Services Department started providing meals for students utilizing the LaunchEd@Home instructional model with a Curbside Meals Program. This ensures those students who rely on nutritious meals to be able to continue doing so, even when they are not in the building for their lessons.


What is Delayed Dismissal? 30/30 Rule?

The “30/30 Rule" is a Delayed Dismissal Weather procedure that is nationally recognized. It is required that the “30/30 Rule” be enacted by the school if thunder is heard within 30 seconds of a lightning strike. Orlando Science Middle/High follows this rule.

When 30/30 Rule is implemented, students will not be dismissed until 30 minutes has passed from the last sound of thunder. However, parents/guardians who wish to pick up their child/children during delayed dismissal, will be allowed to sign out their child/children at the cafeteria or front office.

In order to pick up your student(s) from the cafeteria or front office during this procedure, parents/guardians must bring their dismissal sign to the front door of the school to sign their child/children out. If you do not have a dismissal sign, you will need to provide a picture ID and be on the school pick-up list to pick-up the child/children. Bus riders will be delivered home when conditions are all safe for dismissal.

An automated telephone and/or email message will be used to notify parents/guardians about delayed dismissals. Always be sure to update the school when your phone or email information changes. Thank you for your cooperation on our students’ safety.

Meet the PVO lynx campus president, Ms. Amelia Lyons!

Orca families, please join us in congratulating and welcoming Amelia Lyons to her new role as the Lynx Lane Campus PVO (Parent Volunteer Organization) President! We at Orlando Science Schools are thrilled to be working alongside her on future campus events, activities, and community projects.

Currently the director of the University of Central Florida’s History MA Program, Amelia Lyons has a passion for education and the environment of support that a school inherently provides.

She has been with the UCF History Department for the 14 years that she has been a Florida resident, the move being sparked by this career opportunity.

Prior to her move to Florida, she spent her adolescent years in Buffalo, New York. Her scholarly studies took her to Southern California during her pursuit of higher education at the University of California, Irvine. She and her husband Steve Bubar has been married for 20 years, and are the proud parents of two sons, Leo and Mark.

In case anyone is looking for some fun facts about Modern European History, World Wars, Decolonization, Algerian Migration and Settlement, or French Colonialism, she is a fantastic resource as those are her areas of educational specialty. We are honored to have such a valuable member of our school and local community join us in such a meaningful role.

Ms. Lyons can be contacted directly through email (PVO.LynxCampus@orlandoscience.org). Look for more information about joining our Parent Volunteer Organization in next week's newsletter!


All OSS volunteers (field trip chaperones, robotics coaches, and anyone spending time with OSS students) must complete an ADDitions application EVERY YEAR in order to volunteer. Complete or update your application using the link below. Thank you to our volunteers, we appreciate you!


All OSS Middle High parents can create an OSS Connect account to view their students' academic progress, attendance, discipline, upcoming events and more. Multiple students can be added under one parent account for an easy access. Each student has a unique "Parent Access Code". Please use this code to add each of your students.

  1. Go to the following URL https://ossconnect.orlandoscience.org/radix/portal/signup/index.php
  2. Enter the parent access code, birthdate of the student this code belongs to, Student ID (if asked) and your relationship to the student.
  3. If the information is correct, you will be redirected to a page where you can see your student's name. If this is your student, click continue, if not, click cancel and contact the school.
  4. After the verification is completed, you will be redirected to registration page. On this page, you will create a new parent account by providing the information requested and selecting a password for your account. Click on "Create my new account" when done.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to click to complete account creation. Once you click on the link in confirmation email, you will be directed to the site and your account will be ready to use.
  6. Once you logged in to the site, you can add another student by clicking on the "Add new student" link located on your dashboard.
Note: Access parent portal via Radix Mobile App on any IOS or Android device. Search for the word "Radix Mobile" on your app store.


OSS Connect is up and running! Families experiencing technical issues related to eLearning, please email our helpdesk at eLearning@orlandoscience.org. Use this email address to:

  • request technology
  • reset passwords
  • request login credentials
  • any other issue related to technology

We are excited to welcome our new Lynx Campus Secretary, Ms. Lavoy!

We are so excited to welcome Ms. Lavoy to our OSS Lynx Lane Campus. She will be taking over the position of Campus Secretary as Mrs. Caggiano has moved into our Registrar role. Ms. Lavoy comes to us from Eastbrook Elementary School, and she has 14 years of teaching experience. She looks forward to supporting each of you in the front office and by phone for this 2020-2021 school year!
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OSS 2020-2021 Handbook

Students and families that have any questions about the 2020-2021 Code of Conduct, Discipline Plan, Reward system and many other OSS Middle School topics should refer to the Handbook linked below:


Please see the following details regarding OSMS course changes:

  • Currently only scheduling errors will be corrected.
  • All schedule change requests will be based on availability.
  • Student schedules were made based on data from past EOCs, Report Cards, Teacher Recommendations, etc.
  • Due to recent changes with e-learning and traditional learning, we are only able to offer a few elective courses.
  • Your request will be processed within 1-2 weeks from the time is it emailed.
  • You will be contacted by administration in the event of a schedule change. The student must continue using their current schedule until a new schedule is provided.
  • If your schedule could not be changed, the reason will be e-mailed to you and an appointment can be schedule at that time.
  • For inquiries, email Mr. Moon (Moon@orlandoscience.org)


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lynx campus bell schedule

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Welcome back to Counseling Corner!

This week I wanted to focus, in a bit more detail, on creating a routine that works for you if you’re participating in Innovative learning, and one if you’re doing traditional schooling.

First up: Traditional School!

If you’re attending school in-person this school year, you may be wondering how to manage your schedule now that you’re not at home all the time. My first piece of advice is to find the way you best write down your schedule. Do you prefer the calendar on your phone, a planner, a digital planner, or an app for reminders? Is it something else I didn’t mention? Whatever works best for you, find it and be sure to effectively use it.

My next piece of advice is to determine a natural flow of activities. If you find you’re naturally hungry when you get home, make the first 30 minutes of being home the time when you shower and grab a snack. If you feel sleepy mostly when you get home, make that the time for you to do things that don’t require a lot of energy, such as chores like laundry or washing dishes, showering, or letting the dog out to pee. If you feel like you do homework best when you’re still in school mode, then use the time when you first get home to knock out as much of the homework you have before you lose the groove. Finding a natural flow helps you stick to your routine more easily.

Last, prioritize your activities. Things that must be done every day, make sure you include that time in your daily routine. Things that get done every couple of days, make sure you find time for that in your weekly routine. For example, if I know I do laundry weekly, I will make sure to set a day aside where I can do laundry and complete it in a timely manner. Something daily, such as smaller chores like dishes, walking and feeding pets, study island assignments, etc., I will make sure to block out time in my schedule to complete those tasks.

Next Up: Innovative Learning!

The benefit here is that even though you’re at home, you’re still following the regular bell schedule, meaning half the battle has been won for you. You do not have to create your own school schedule. However, you do have to find ways to make sure you’re setting proper boundaries so you can have a good home schedule too.

First, make sure that you stand up and stay hydrated throughout the day! You’ve got 3 minutes between classes with nowhere to travel to, so stand, use the restroom, grab water, and return just in time. It helps break up the day and feel like you’re not sitting at the computer for 8 hours. This also includes lunch, make sure you sit at a place that is not your desk to eat, try to step away and leave the space you’ve been sitting in all day to go eat.

Second, when the school day is done, close the computer and take at least 30 minutes to do something else. Use it as club time where you can engage in your hobbies, or use it as the time to go shower, walk the dog, or chat with your family. This is important because it mimics the time you’d take to spend time with friends, make it home safely, and it does so in a way that keeps a boundary set between the school day and the afternoon at home.

Last, make sure you have conversations with people outside of Teams! When you’re going to talk to a friend during lunch, use your phone, zoom, or email, not Teams. Give yourself some separation from using the same platform all day. If you’re going to chat with family, do it away from the computer. The more time you spend in front of the computer, the more you can suffer from eye problems, back problems, attention-span troubles, boredom, and exhaustion. Separating your friends and family from the computer can help make that boundary more real for you.

If you’re having any issues finding a schedule that works best for you, please feel free to reach out and we can create one together! And as always, if you need anything, I’m happy to help!

All the best,

Ms. Perez

Ms. Perez's Quote of the Week

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national junior honor society certificate of affiliation

At OSS we recognize the importance of celebrating outstanding student achievement, and our affiliation with the National Junior Honor Society helps us do just that! NJHS elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Developing and maintaining a chapter of NJHS is a proud accomplishment for our school!

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Saturday, Aug. 22nd, 1pm


See the robotics flyer in this newsletter to register for the Zoom meeting link.


Orlando Science Middle/High has a new mobile app! It is currently available in the App Store® and in Google Play®. You can download the app for free, for access to our school's news, calendars, volunteer opportunities, push notifications and much more!

Download for Free - visit your tablet or smartphone's storefront and search for "Orlando Science Schools"

  • For Android, visit Google Play
  • For Apple iOS, visit the and App Store or iTunes

If you have any questions or feedback please email info@orlandoscience.org.


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The Box Tops Program is all new for 2020!

BoxTops has a NEW way for schools to earn money from your purchases! See the details below. Thank you for your support of OSS!

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How to Clip Box Tops


AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Orlando Science Schools via Discovery Education Services, Inc. whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.


OfficeDepot Gives Back

Office Depot provides the school with 5% back in credits for FREE supplies when you make a purchase of qualifying school supplies. Simply provide the school ID at checkout.

OSES School Code: 70228302

OSS School Code: 70218341