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Tata Consultancy Service is an IT company and one of the gigantic networks of IT consultancy in many countries. TCS is mainly established in India and now it is expanding all over the world. More than 4 lacks employees are working in Tata Consultancy Service. It offers services in Banking, Information technology, BPO, and other analytical services worldwide. Currently, this IT company shifted its Webmail, a Web-based email account on the VPN server. Now it is difficult to ingress TcsWebmail.icu for employees who are working in this multinational company. But don't worry, in this post we are providing all detail about using Webmail on your device when you are not in the company.

As said before this IT company migrates their webmail to the VPN server which allows the employee to deal with TCS services. With the help of this virtual private network means VPN client the employee can easily control their company webmail login. All the data can share remotely through public networks. The VPN server protects the data online. The official website for tcs Webmail is Webmail.tcs.com. Tata consultancy service has eliminated direct access and switched its webmail to a VPN server. This webmail virtual private network help to protect and accessing data remotely through networks securely. But it is not possible to access webmail outside of the TCS company premises. If you are the employee of TCS multinational company then don't worry here we will help you. There are so many possible VPN server to access tata consultancy webmail from android or smartphone. You just follow our login steps it will help you to log in to the company official website.

How to Access TCS Webmail through Citrix Workspace:

There are several ways to webmail login, but here we will see how to login through the Citrix Receiver App which is design to operate webmail through android or smartphone. Employee engagement is being done in this application. But you have your own ultimatix credentials to login and access webmail.

  • Download Citrix Receiver app from google play store or app store.
  • After download complete install it on your device.
  • After a successful installation, open the VPN server. You will be directed on login page i.e Netscaler Gateway.
  • Netscaler Gateway is the login page of the TCS app.
  • Here you need to fill your ultimatix credentials to log in to your account.
  • Now VPN server will let you to the webmail through Citrix Workspace.
  • Now you will see lotus webmail which will let you to the email login page.
  • After that here enter your webmail username and password to access your TCS emails.

If you are not on company premises then also this Citrix Workspace app helps you to access your official TCS emails on your android or smartphone.

Webmail Account Recovery:

While Using Citrix application uses a secure system only because your email might contain important information. And also you have to carefully handle your account because three wrong attempts might temporarily lock your account. If you are an employee of TCS and are willing to change your password or forget your ultimatix credentials such as password or username of webmail then follow below steps:

  • Login to TCS Ultimatix using https://www.ultimatix.net/ link.
  • Under the password management field, you can reset the password by answering the recovery questions at VPN server.
  • After resetting password login to your webmail using that password.