Jim Stark

Rebel WITH a Cause

Jim Stark has every right to be a rebel. His dad is weak and incapable of standing up for himself. Jim watches his mom walk all over his dad, telling him they are moving every time Jim messes up. Jim's dad's weakness causes Jim to act out in the opposite way. He hates being called chicken and tries to prove his strength and bravery whenever he gets the chance.

Jim Throughout the Movie

Jim changed immensely throughout the movie. He started out as an angry, confused teenager. By the end, he does everything he can to save Plato. He channels his need to prove himself as brave to something meaningful rather than dangerous. Jim Stark realizes that being brave isn't about driving in stolen cars playing chicky; It's more about being a good friend to people who have nothing.

Character Traits:


The main lesson of the film is to teach teenagers and adults how damaging family relationships can be. Even though adults may see children as troubling, there could be deeper meanings behind the rebellion.

Symbolism of the Mansion

I think that the mansion symbolizes the emptiness of Plato's soul. His parents left and deserted him just like the mansion was abandoned. He lets Jim go to the mansion because he sees Jim as a father figure; Plato is letting Jim into his heart.

Which of the three rebels do you most relate to and why?

I relate to Judy the most because she feels unwanted. My parents always criticize me on the clothes and make up I choose to wear. Sometimes my parents are so busy paying attention to my little sister that they don't ask how I feel. This is like how Judy's parents care about her little brother but she goes unnoticed.