Owl Creek Park District

Project of: Bailey, Madi, Emma, & Bree

Owl Creek Park District: Building Plans

The following plans are going to help our community by bringing more money in for our community and letting families enjoy time with each other in our park district:
-Playground for children
-Pavilion with picnic tables for rent
-Observatory deck

-Parking lot for the outside communities using our park

Effect of Neighboring Roads and Highways

Owl Creek Park District building process will not affect the local roads and highways, until we reach our final step in constructing our parking lot. The construction of the parking lot will take from 1-2 weeks to finish completely. The only road that will be affected by this construction will be Country Road 3200 North. 3200 North will become a one way road for the time of the construction. All other roads will not be affected by the building of Owl Creek Park District.

Affect of City Services

Owl Creek Park will be an extra park for city police to keep an eye on. A resolution to keeping the crime low at this park is with good lighting, keeping all expensive materials locked inside our pavilion. The health care should not be affected, nor fire squad or sewage. The park could be used for school functions along with sports banquets. The grade school children could also take field trips to play and learn more about prairie ecosystems and wildlife.

The Impact on Endangered Animals

The impact on endangered animals in our development will better these animals lives and population. For example, gray wolves are endangered, but are our facilities will help to keep these wolves alive and keep populating healthily and happily. Our observatory deck will also keep the community aware about all the endangered species in our area. The informational tours will help with what we all can do to keep the development clean, how to help our environment and better the future of our world.

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