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September 7 - Week 3

What is in here?

This is our weekly Memo that will contain the previous weeks highlights, upcoming schedule notes, Gem Awards, announcements, reminders, and professional resources related to our rocks. These memos will be cataloged and available in our 15-16 Google Shared Folder in the Monday Memo Folder using a Google Sheet (see here) for your reference. Enjoy!

A Moment of Gratitude

This summer during a story telling workshop, the presenter, Matthew Dicks, encouraged us to hold on to a memory by stopping at the end of each day to record something that stood out for us that day. As I reviewed my list for this week, gratitude was a central theme. I am grateful for each of you and the commitment you show each day to be here and to give your best to our students and to one another. When I spoke to parents at the scoop night, they raved about how much their children were enjoying KP and that is because each of us is centered on getting rooted in what is most important. We continue to bear sweet fruit.

Things Noticed:

We Noticed:

  • 6th graders sharing various mnemonics from elementary schools that helped them answer open-ended questions and reaching consensus about mnemonics to use at KP

  • Teachers sitting with students at lunch to build connections

  • Technology education students solving a mystery about an ancient gaming device and working together to determine how it has changed over the years

  • Ruby students advocating for leadership roles and supervising their peers in line on the way to lunch

  • 7th grade ELA students writing about themselves from an alternate perspective to help their teachers understand them and to improve their informational writing skills

  • PE students exercising their number sense and negotiating with partners about number of pushups

  • A math teacher reaching back into her knowledge of Spanish to offer dual language instruction for an English learner

  • World Language teachers speaking only in the target language

  • Students being UPSTANDERS by coming forward either to report a situation or assist a peer

  • Opal team returning from their team bonding trip excited, motivated and eager to share their experiences

  • A quiet and orderly exit from the building and return to the building during the fire drill

  • Music students excited to be actively involved in mastering the Boot-Scoop-Boogie

  • Teachers using phrases like “great work” , "thanks for making the effort” to make students feel valued

  • 8th grade ELA students thinking deeply and sharing their thoughts on literary theme using academic vocabulary that provided detail as they analyzed Naomi Shihab Nye’s Valentine to Ernest Mann

  • Support staff demonstrating patience and care and providing positive feedback as they worked with special needs students in the life skills room

  • 6th grade math students demonstrating their knowledge of math terminology in a number of ways that included crossword puzzles, connect four, and sharing with a peer/classroom visitor.

  • 6th grade world language students getting some help from Pepe the Penguin as they shared their knowledge of cognados

  • 6th and 7th grade social studies students sharing information about themselves with the whole class, in pairs, and through writing and creative visual representations

  • 6th and 7th grade ELA students sharing their summer book recommendations without any spoilers

  • 8th grade students learning about lab safety before they start their experiments

  • Teachers actively engaged in professional learning conversations in support of their professional wellness

  • Students discovering if they know enough to pass the citizenship test

  • Teachers using a variety of formative assessment strategies to assess students what students know and are able to do

  • Students actively listening and taking notes during the fund raising assembly.

Staff Reminder

Thursday is our designated "Thursday Flyer Day." If there is any correspondence for our KP families, the flyers will be in your mailbox by Wednesday afternoons. Please remember to check your mailboxes prior to Morning Advisory every Thursday.

Living out our Rocks: Community Engagement

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do.....We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You???

First Spirit Committee meeting will be held in room 204, Thursday, Sept. 10th, at 7:10am.

If interested, please join us. Bring some fun and energizing ideas to keep the spirit of our staff alive!

Thanks, Marnie, Danielle, and Kim


Our first pay day is right around the corner! Please consider contributing to the Cheer Fund, $30 for full time staff and $20 for part time staff. With our contributions we are able to celebrate with our KP family during happy times and lift our colleagues up during difficult times. Cash or checks (with “cheer fund” in the memo section) can be given to Gina Pudlo. Thank you!

First Social Gathering of the Year

American Legion in WH Center

Thursday, September 24th, 4-6pm

Appetizers will be served

RSVP to Marnie, Danielle, or Kim H

Welcome new staff to our KP community!

Click on the photo to learn more about our new members.

Upcoming Events

September 8 - Faculty Meeting (agenda e-mailed this weekend)

September 9 - CSI - Department (all MS Admin Meeting @ Bristow)
September 10 - MS/HS Principal's Mtg with AP's - (9 to 11AM)

September 10 - School Picture Day - staff do not need to take a picture for identification but can get a complimentary package.

  • 08:20am-Topaz
  • 08:45am- Diamond
  • 09:10am- Turquoise
  • 09:35am - Opal
  • 10:00am - Ruby
  • 10:25am- Sapphire
  • 10:50am - Amethyst
  • 11:15am- Garnet
  • 11:40am- Emerald

September 11 - Riverfront Recapture (Amethyst Team)

You're a GEM

  • Nancy Faulkner from colleague Stephanie Kozicki for going above and beyond to make sure my students were taken care of on the first day of school and for helping my sub while I was out sick.
  • Susan Martucci from colleague Stephanie Kozicki for her caring nature and offering to take care of my bus duty while I was out sick. Thank you so much.
  • Matt Bannon from the Ruby Team for helping students set up their Google Classrooms for all of us.

  • Marc Kotler, Joe Ganci, Rebecca Lewis, Nancy Moses, Danielle Drozd, Justin Gusy, Marisa Tamayo from colleague Joy Wright for scooping sweet Abby Dabby treats for the PTO Fundraiser.

  • Kate Kiesewetter from colleague Eric Fisher for setting up and updating many of our google schedules from last year including our new off team student schedule that has proven to be very useful. Thanks Kate!

  • Mike Morais from colleague Nancy Salvatore for his patience when repairing my sick (virus) computer.

  • Lauren Reynolds from colleague Nancy Salvatore for reviewing Google Classroom with my team.

  • Denise deMello from colleague Nancy Salvatore for her technology expertise and assistance.

Check out our Family Newsletter: The KP Connection


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Morning Advisory Calls

Please remember to call and speak to each of your advisory families before or by Sept 11 to:

  • Introduce yourself and explain your role as their child's adviser
  • Invite them to our Open House
  • Share how they can reach you with questions/concerns/feedback
Feel free to post or share with us on Twitter @KPWHPS or #kpwhps and follow us on Instagram!

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

CT Statewide Family Engagement Conference --Sept 25th

Registration is open for the CT Family Engagement Conference on September 25, 2015, 8:30-3:00 at the Sheraton, Rocky Hill. The conference will feature national speakers, best practice workshops, books and giveaways. The Conference will bring to life the U.S. Department of Education’s new Dual-Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships.

Thank you for how you inspire!

TEACH: Inspiration

Resources to Check Out: Working on Big Rock 2-Staff Wellness

Are you a rapper or an MC? --Love this post by Jon Harper on what this means for edus


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