Back to School Night

September 8, 2015

Welcome Parents!

Thank you for coming tonight to see what 8th grade at Gorzycki Middle School is all about. This digital flyer will help you understand some of the routines, assignments and procedures that we will be using in US History 8 this year. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Course Syllabus

Check out the syllabus...

for information about late work, grade weights, course content, supplies and other things that will help students be successful in this class.

Team 8-2

Team 8-2 is made up of four teachers who meet regularly to discuss the needs of all of our students. We are:

Sara Gagliardi -- Science and Parent Contact
Emmaleigh Toto -- English / Language Arts
Christy Moore - Math
Melissa Prepster -- US History

Routines and Proecedures

Learning Targets

Each class period begins and ends with a Learning Target. A Learning Target (LT) is a statement of what a student should know or be able to do at the end of class. Students copy the LT at the beginning of class and then reflect on how well they know it at the end of class. Students turn in a week of LTs at the end of the week unless they don't feel they've mastered the LT that day in class. If that's the case, they leave their sheet with me so that I can see where they need additional support.


Every student must have a social studies binder that is divided into 5 sections. The video below shows how we set up our binder the 2nd week of school.
Binder Set Up

Make Up Work

When students return from an absence, they should check the make-up work bin. I create a note for each student explaining what they missed and what they need to do in order to make up the lesson they missed. I staple all handouts / notes to their note. It is the responsibility of the student to check the bin, collect their note, read it and then ask me about anything they still have questions about when they return from an absence.


Students will be given a list of vocabulary words at the beginning of a unit. As we proceed through the lessons, students will be given time to update the vocabulary lists with their versions of definitions. We will have periodic vocabulary quizzes.

Instructional Materials (Textbook)

We have a new textbook!

After 14 years, we have new instructional materials! Most of these materials are digital and can be accessed through the AISD Cloud ( Students can read, view videos and take assessments online. If students do not have regular access to the Internet, please contact the front office to arrange to have a physical textbook that you can take home.

Stay in touch!


Remind is a great tool. It allows me to send text or email reminders about homework and class goings-on. It also provides a safe and private way for students to contact me and for me to contact students when I notice that they need support. Parents can also sign up for Remind to be kept in the loop.

GMS Website

Please visit the GMS website and bookmark the sites of all of your students teachers. You (or your student) can subscribe to get email updates when these sites have new content on them. The video below shows how to to this.
Subscribing to Teacher Websites

A Personal Thank You


Thanks to the Gorzycki community, I was able to add 11 Chromebooks to the assortment of laptops I've assembled for my room. These new devices replace old, malfunctioning computers and ensure that when we use technology students in this class EACH have a working device. Thank you for your generosity!