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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

January 8, 2016

Classroom Calendar

Please click on the link button to view our classroom calendar for important events.

SPE Playground Fundraiser

Help support the SPE PTA by participating in the SPE PTA Playground Fund event at Mr. B’s Roadhouse.

  • What: The SPE PTA is raising funds for the Playground Enhancement Project. By participating, Mr. B’s Roadhouse will donate 15% of your purchase (includes carry-out) back to the SPE PTA Playground fund. You MUST present the Mr. B’s Roadhouse flyer in order to receive support for the SPE Playground Enhancement Project. Flyers will be distributed in the Friday folders and are available in the school office.
  • When: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 (All Day!)
  • Where: 6761 S. Dixie Hwy, Clarkston Michigan 248-685-4600

Look forward to seeing you there and as always, we appreciate your support!


SPE PTA Home Page

Leader of the Week - Nicholas

Our next Leader of the Week and class President is Nicholas. Thank you Audrey for your leadership this past week and continue to lead on this week as our class Vice-President!


Unit 3 - Informational Reading Readers have been observing and looking for the text structures found in non-fiction text. This week we have discussed descriptive, comparison, sequential and cause and effect.

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Encourage your reader to explain what each of these different texts would look like and identify key aspects that make them unique.


Unit 2 Information Writing: Personal Expertise Writers have been trying to wrap up their rough draft expert book and we are getting ready to start to create the final product! Writers have been working on chapters of their books as well as creating a glossary.

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Ask your writer to share with you the topic they chose for their book and the different chapters they are featuring.

Word Study

Students have received new word study words and we have been practicing with them in a variety of ways this week. Students have done open, closed and group sorts. We have also practiced our words in word searches and other fun activities.

*We will be having a word study test next Friday, January 15th.

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Ask your student to explain how their closed sort is organized. What were the categories they used to sort? Use their completed sorting mat to study for the assessment. This mat shows how the words are sorted, as well as how to spell each word.

Leader in Me - School Wide Assembly

Our entire 3rd grade team presented at this week's school wide LIM assembly. Our building focus for the month of January is Habit 3: Put First Things First.

Leader in Me Home Learning Conversation: Check out the video below showing our awesome 3rd graders practicing how they use Habit 3: "Put First Things First".

There's a Leader in Me: Put First Things First

Math - Multiplication & Division

Unit 2 - Multiplication and Division

We have introduced all multiplication facts 0-11. Click on the link Multiplication Strategies for "hints and tricks" for helping build a conceptual understanding.

We have also continued to discuss the the Commutative Property of Multiplication that states that two numbers can be multiplied in either order. So 2 x 5 and 5 x 2 both equal 10. The order doesn't change the product (answer). This is very helpful to point out when introducing basic multiplication facts because I let our mathematicians know that if they know 2 x 5 = 10, then they already know 5 x 2 = 10 because of the commutative property. See the video below to view the Commutative Property of Multiplication using array models.

We have also been building the connection between multiplication and division and discussing this connection through fact families: 2 x 5 = 10, 5 x 2 = 10, 10 / 2 = 5, 10 / 2 = 5 .

Math Home Learning Conversation:

  • Using a deck of cards, practice multiplication facts playing "Multiplication Number Battle". Your mathematician has the directions for this game in his/her math game booklet. Click on the link to see the entire book "Acing Math: One Deck at a Time".
4th Grade: Multiplication Arrays

Social Studies

Unit 2 - Economy of Michigan

We began our journey as entrepreneurs in Social Studies this week by watching Tim’s video about his restaurant and how the Snap Cap company began. We also discussed the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle in Science. After some time to think and reflect, our entrepreneurs were presented with the following Driving Question: “How can we, as entrepreneurs, start a small business in Michigan?” This question will “drive” our learning in Social Studies as we explore Michigan Economy. Our investigation will lead to a Project Based Learning experience where students will present their business concept and product (created from recycled materials) at a Business Expo. More details will be coming next week.

Economy Home Learning Conversation:

  • Have a conversation with your child about recycled materials available at home that he/she could be re-purposed into a new, creative product.
Tim's Place Albuquerque's Service With A Smile | You've Got
Biz Kid$: Crash Course On Starting A Business (Accessible Preview)


Physical Science - Light

This week our scientists have been investigating refraction of light with the "Broken Straw Investigation". We discovered that when light rays travel travel through different materials, the speed at which light travels slows down and redirects the light ray. This principle creates the optical illusion of a straw that appears to be broken in a glass of water.

Science Home Learning Conversation:

  • Have your scientist replicate our class investigation at home using a clear glass filled half way with water and an object such as a straw. If you don't have a straw, and straight object will work.
Bill Nye The Science Guy on Light Bending & Bouncing (Full Clip)