Four Virtues That You Must Lead

Piety, Purity, Submissiveness, and Domesticity

The Cult Of True Women-hood

The idea of " The Cult Of True Women-hood " sought to assert that womanly virtues resided in piety, purity, submissiveness and domesticity. This system was valued among the upper and middle classes in the nineteenth century in the United States and Great Britain. This system was pertained to the value of women and their roles at home.

Societal Problems/Forces motivated the reform movement

There were a few issues that influenced " The Cult of True Women-hood". Women were considered the moral guardians of their family. The reason for this role was because they were considered pure which made them closer to God. They stayed pure because they were away from the shameful environment * the outside world *. Since men were always out, they were not considered as pure. Which is why it was necessary for women to stay in the protection of their homes. This was the force that motivated this movement.

Goals/Objectives of the Movement

Each virtue has it's own goal/objective:
The reason women should maintain piety is because they need to help men keep away from sin and keep society in place.
The reason women should stay pure is because a woman was not considered a woman unless she is pure. This was the way it worked no questions asked.
The reason women had to stay submissive was because men were superior to women according to God. They needed to follow God's words.
Last one is Domesticity. The goal for this one was so that women can maintain their roles. They must perform their daily duties as wives, mothers, nurses, and caregivers.


Just like the goals, each virtue has its own tactic and strategy.
In order to stay Pure, you must not participate in sinful activities.
In order to stay Religious, you must follow God's words and do as he says.
In order to stay Submissive, you must obey your husbands.
In order to stay Domestic, you must perform your daily duties.

List of initial successes of the movement

There were no specific events involving this movement that were successful. However, this movement had brought up a few positive outcomes; such as giving women a role and keeping them away from sin.

Key Figure/People

  • Catharine Beecher
She was a American educator known for her opinions on female education. Catharine once said "Woman's greatest mission is to obey the laws of God, first in the family, then in the school, then in the neighborhood, then in the nation, then in the world". As stated in her quote she supported the virtues of The Cult Of True Women-hood and also believed that those virtues defined a women.
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Key Events/ Other Movements

  • The Progressive Era
This was a period of widespread social activism and political reform across the United States. During this era the ideal of the new women arose as a response to the Cult of True Women-Hood.
  • Women's Suffrage Movement
This event was opposing to the values of the Cult of True Women-Hood. This movement was when women were starting to gain the right to votes. Which started to influence the ideal women which went against the values.
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