Digital Leader Academy

at Great Denham Primary School

Digital Leader Academy is coming to Great Denham Primary School

The aim of the Digital Leader Academy is to prepare teachers and children for their roles as digital leaders within their schools. The day will consist of a number of activities for Digital Leaders and their teacher that attends with them.

Digital Leader groups in schools can transform how technology is used in the whole school community, with teachers, children and parents too. Key aspects of a strong Digital Leader group involve a commitment to:

  • regular meetings

  • supporting genius bars being held at lunch times and at parent evenings

  • training teachers, both in CPD sessions and through access to screencasts

  • researching new apps for learning in the school

  • blogging about their activities and sharing screencasts on the blog

  • to supporting the school with Computing and online safety

Schools will attend 1 day each with the main aim being you leave with a good understanding and confidence of how to continue with your Digital Leader group within your school.

If you're thinking about how you might fund this, as we do need to charge for lunches etc, digital leader roles are perfect for raising aspirations in children. As a result, this makes a great investment for your pupil premium budget.

Places on Digital Leader Academy days are limited to 6 children and one teacher.

The Digital Leader Academy will take place on two days but these are repeated so please only choose one day from the form below.

Before the day...

Before you attend, some pre-work will need to be completed, most importantly, the choosing of your digital leaders to attend. The key points below are widely regarded as the best ways for ensuring digital leaders in your school goes off with a bang.

How to pick your Digital Leaders?

  1. Ask children to apply to become a digital leader.

  2. Ask for applications in a creative manner of their choice using technology of their choice (although you might like to guide them).

  3. Interview the children who apply and ensure they are aware of the commitment involved in becoming a digital leader.

For transparency and consistency, you might like to choose to have consistent forms for grading interviews and applications

Take aways...

By the end of the day, children will have learned about lots of great apps for learning to being back to the school, they will have been given access to and will be sharing on the blog. They will also learn how to make screencasts, think about social media accounts and developed an action plan for how they will move Digital Leaders forward in your school.

Digital Leader Academy at Great Denham Primary School

Monday, Oct. 3rd, 9:30pm to Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 2:45pm

Bedford MK40 4GG, United Kingdom