Inquiry Based Research

What Facts and Opinions have people Assembled About Fossils?

An Introduction to Fossils:

In the past centuries, kids, adults, scientists have found many unique fossils. They have gave us a new imagination about what is was like when dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and many more extinct animals roamed. We now know, what they ate, where they lived, what climate did they live in, and how they survived. Sometimes people find these historical objects when they're looking for it. But people like Jared Post have found fossils when they weren't even looking for it. Its their curiosity that lead these kids to discovery. The discoveries leads scientists to find another animals such as the ichthyosaurus. We can be benefited from the new animal discoveries. People can get jobs, and we can explore more. All those forks merge into one road, that these people have changed history for once and for all!