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Smartwatches to Replace Smartphones?

Smartwatches may still be considered a nascent sector in technology but it looks like a special category of smartwatches, called ‘wear alone’ smartwatches may just eat into the smartphone sector.

Smartwatches are still considered a luxury and a major chunk of their sale is apparently still limited to developed countries. However, as tech gets smaller and smaller, with sleek laptops replacing the boxy PC structure that once resided on our tables, it looks like smartwatches may just be the next big thing. Yes, as technology is getting smaller, nowadays, it seems like smartphones and tablets are further replacing laptops. As Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said recently, PCs are soon to become redundant, which will further cause a spurt in demand for the latest smartphones and tablets the world over, especially from this holiday season onwards. However, if the latest smartwatch news sources are to be believed, it seems like things may go a step further, as smartwatches may soon replace smartphones.

A new breed of smartwatches is all set to take the market by storm. These new ‘wear alone’ smartwatches do not depend on a smartphone and needn’t be paired with your phone using Bluetooth, as is the current norm with smartwatches. This is because these smartwatches come with their own Sim card and even their own mobile data plan. Thus, you needn’t use your smartphone to take a call, as the Sim card in the smartwatch will allow you to operate and take calls directly through the watch.

How many people though are truly comfortable using the tiny screen of a smartwatch for carrying out all their functions? There’s only a certain limited amount of time for which you can talk into your smartwatch, after which it just seems silly. However, if tech pundits and the latest smartwatch news sources are to be believed, around 70% of smartphones in the future will be replaced by smaller tech, the pioneer of which will be smartwatches. All the inconveniences of smartwatches aside, many big tech companies are working hard to develop independent smartwatches that will provide people with a hands free connectivity experience. This means whether you’re driving, cycling or anywhere on the go, your smartwatch will suffice all your needs.

For technological cretins, this may be a very difficult piece of news to digest. Just imagining that one day, the smartphones that people can’t seemingly live without today will become redundant in some time is tough to accept. Then again, if someone told you a few years ago that in less than a decade, Nokia as a brand will nearly vanish from people’s hands, that would have been just as tough to digest. So if it takes less than a decade to completely change the ecosystem of the latest smartphones, then perhaps the day when smartwatches become a common sight isn’t far away indeed.