Easter is amazing


Have you ever wondered how Easter came to be, what people do on Easter, and what people get on Easter? Well this entire article will tell you all about all three of these questions that you are dying you know.

who created Easter

who created Easter

My first question “who created Easter?” Well I beet all of you are dying to know. Well I have got the answer for you. Easter was created by the people of a little village when Jesus arose from his grave. People have been celebrating Easter ever since then. It has all ways been celebrated on the first Sunday of April and I have all ways loved what people do on Easter.

what people do on Easter

I have all ways loved what people do on Easter. People go Easter egg hunting, go on picnics, etc. I have all ways loved Easter egg hunting. But there is nothing like being with your family on Easter. I love the variety of candy people get on Easter.

what people get on Easter

Oh all the variety of Easter gifts people get on Easter. For example on one Easter I got an Easter basket. All the other years I went Easter egg hunting. I love the years that I get money in Easter eggs. I all so all ways get lots of chocolate. I don’t like chocolate so I give it to my siblings.


In conclusion I hope that I have made you wonder more about Easter. If you didn’t I hope you have learned more about Easter. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. Until next time see you later.

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