Special Services

January 11, 2016

SESTA Training in Twin Falls, tomorrow, January 12, 2016 for new Special Education Teachers.

Peer Review, Group #2 Tuesday, January 19th

Carol Loveless, Tamara Carter, Alex Greenfield, Minerva Gonzales.

Pre-School Screening Friday, January 29th


Medicaid Statement

We have noticed a statement on our IEP meeting minutes which may be confusing. The last statement on the minutes reads: “Annual Medicaid ONE TIME PARENT CONSENT NOTICE was given to parents on ___________.” The date in the box should be the current IEP date, the date when you gave the parents the 'One Time Notice'. Not the date when the 'One Time Medicaid Billing Permission' was signed.

Consent to Assess

Consent to Assess continues to be an area of concern.

Case Managers, please review consent to assess with your school psychologist prior to sending to parents. Also have your school psychologist sign initial consent to test. Following these procedures will ensure that the evaluation team is on the same page and that only necessary assessments will be administered to the student.

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Power Up -- Learn differently, teach digitally

Tech Day more information:

Attendance is mandatory for certified, and for classified who have not used their Professional Day. It's optional for other classifieds who have already taken a PD.

Dan Dyer is coming from Idaho Assistive Technology to teach a couple of sessions plus Terry Fennell will be doing a session on graphing interventions.

Discriptions of Dan Dyer's sessions:

Assistive Technology and Mathematics
Learn how to use tools to obtain equal access to math curriculum for your students. The session will explore assistive technology solutions to support your students in mathematics through the use of software, low-tech manipulatives and hand-held smart-technology like iPads.

Level the playing field for struggling readers with Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials

Do your students need textbooks and other instructional materials provided in adjustable reading levels, digital text, or audio formats? Let’s explore some assistive technology and strategies you can use to help your students access and comprehend text. The session will cover visually changing text, adapting readability, and customizing instructional materials for students with lower and higher needs using easily available, free, and low cost tools.

All District employees are invited including para professionals.

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Love and Logic

Love and Logic in February

Minidoka County School District

Cindy Shipp, Facilitator


Parenting the Love and Logic Way™

Topics include:

¨ The Two Rules of Love and Logic®

¨ Delayed or "Anticipatory" Consequences

¨ Using empathy and Love and Logic one-liners to neutralize arguing

¨ How to get more information about Love and Logic

This parenting program is designed to give you

practical skills that can be used immediately!

Dates: Tuesdays for 6 weeks, Starting February 2, 2016

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Location: District Service Center 310 10th St, Rupert, ID 83350

Cost: $15.00 per person / $20.00 per couple

Childcare will be available

Please contact Laura Koyle to sign up at 436-6059

We will be sending out a flyer to all families with students in the district.

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