"The Tall Giraffe

Once there was a tall giraffe, he was so tall he could see the top of Munt Everest. but he could only eat the leafs on the trees, he was so tall that he could not reach the grass. some day a camper came to camp out and he started a camp fire he lit the grass on fire and burnt down everything even the trees, the grass grew back really fast but the tree did not grow back for 100 years, so the giraffe could not eat. and he had to travail 1000000 mile to find the nearest tree. when he got to the nearest tree there where a family of monkys living in that tree. the moneys threw rocks at the giraffe when he was trying to eat the leafs, so the giraffe had to leave. The giraffe walk another 100000 miles to the jungle and he ate and at e and ate and ate and ate. then his lags were so small the could not hold the weight and he fell to the ground and could not get up.

morale: being tall is not always good.