Lora Nwanesi

Perseverance is....

Perseverance is to never give up despite even the roughest struggles. People who successfully persevere have great ambition to reach the goals that they have. Those who aren't successful in perseverance do not have enough motivation.

Problem/Solution (Losing To Win)

The girls in “Losing to Win” had to face many problems in their life. They felt like they were all alone but the basketball team at Carroll Academy became a family for them to rely on. Another problem was that they were losing hope because there was no one to believe in them. Then they went to Carroll Academy and the coaches became like parents that had faith in them. They were also all juveniles who didn’t know what they were doing in life or how to live. The basketball coaches solved that because they taught them what life really is and how to get through life struggles. One more big problem that they had was that almost all of them didn’t have good influences at home. The basketball coaches at Carroll Academy fixed that by acting as influences to them that portrayed better character.

Sequencing (Jackie Robinson)

In 1945, Branch Rickey stepped forward to break baseball’s color barrier. He sent out scouts to explore the options. After the scouts explored & studied every player they had on their list, they decided on Jackie Robinson. Next, the scouts showed the experience that Jackie had, including his college statistics, to Rickey. Then he tested Jackie to see if he could handle the discrimination he would receive while playing & he did. Jackie played very well on the field even with all odds against him & won 2 awards, Rookie of the year & Most Valuable Player. 13 seasons after this every baseball team had at least one black player on their team.

Description (Typewriter Artist)

Paul Smith was a man with Cerebral Palsy who found many ways to be creative even with his disease, including typewriter art. Having a severe case of spastic Cerebral Palsy that affected his speech, his mobility, and his fine motor coordination, Paul’s life was nothing but creativity. He creates art with a typewriter because his disease eliminates the use of paint brushes or pencils. Paul was a man many described as gracious and humble, patient and kind. In 1967 after his parents had passed so Paul moved into the Rose Haven Nursing Center, a residential facility in Roseburg, Oregon. While there, he indulged in a wide array of interests. He became a master chess player, was a member of the Knights of Columbus, and was a member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church. His typewriter art and his caring personality inspired everyone around him.

What To Learn From Perseverance

We can learn that all that's needed to persevere is the right motivation & enough ambition for where you want to be to get away from where you are & reach your goals.