Quadratics Unit 1

Nahom Girmay

Learning Goals

1. I will learn how to transfer vertex equations on to a graph using one of the transformation

2. I will understand how vertex equations work

What is Vertex Form?

Vertex form is a equation that you can use to solve quadratic relations

- The equation that describes it is y=a(x-h) + k

- The H value gives you information on the X value of the vertex of the relation and the horizontal translation from the origin

- The value A tell which way the graph is opening and the shape of it

- The K value gives you information on the y value of the vertex and the vertical translation from origin

Graphing Using Vertex Form

Quick Way of Graphing a Quadratic Function in Vertex Form

Word Problem

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Graphing Using Transformations

Transformations - Graphing from Vertex Form