Parent School Organizations (G)

Alice Birney

What Alice Birney Has Done To Help Her Community

Alice Birney started an organization that helped improve schools by giving school supplies like pencils. Sometimes they give incentives for classroom rewards. They give iPads to pencils when they're needed. Also, they start school events tha earn support for the school.

How Did It Make a Difference?

It helps schools get there needs met. If there are students who can't speak English, the school parent association can donate things to help. People feel cheerful and thankful that they have additional support to help their children grow and learn. It also promotes education, health, and safety.

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Some Background Information About Alice Birney

Alice Birney was born in Marietta, Georgia on October 19th, 1858 as the oldest child out of four children. Her father's name was Leander Calvin McLeallan and her mother's name was Harriet Ann Tatum. Harriet was a native to England and the child of John and Margaret Tatum who moved to the United States of America in 1843. A tragedy happened close to Alice's 3rd birthday, her little brother Henry died on July 17th, 1861. Later in her life, she attended an all girl high school in Atlanta. She married a man named Alonzo White Jr on February 26th, 1879. Sadly, he died before giving birth to their daughter, Alonsita Birney Walker, whom she named in his honor. Later, she married Theodore Weld Birney and they gave birth to two children; their names were Catherine and Lillian. Suddenly, Alice got cancer and died December 20th, 1907.
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What Can I Do To Help The Community?

I could clean up garbage the floats in my yard and plant flowers and trees in the summer. Also, I could donate money to organizations the do civic action. Plus I could get involved in groups that help the community. I can help lower pollution by walking or riding my bike to places that aren't far away. I can surely help my community.
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Hi. I am a fourth grader. I enjoy school and history, which is my favorite subject. On my spare time I enjoy naming presidents status, terms, and in order! I am the middle child of three kids and one dog. My teacher is awesome. I know parent organizations do a lot fro schools, and I wanted to learn more. I working on speaking Spanish and French, and reading Greek and Latin. Je m'appelle Kaia. Adious!