Welcome To Wethersfield,Connecticut

BY: Megan Chang

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Wethersfield Connecticut

Wethersfield, Conneticut is the best place to be. It will definitely take some getting used to, especially coming from Barbados, a warm, luxurious Carribean Island, but you'll love it here! Most people are welcoming, but some may take a while to adjust to you. Watch out for Hannah Tupper, an old lady that lives on the meadow. People in Wethersfield say that she may be a witch. Come, as I take you on a journey through places to see, people to meet, delicious blueberry cake to eat, and more!


These are some of the words that people in Wethersfield, Connecticut say. It may sound a bit funky to you, coming from Barbados. But, you'll get the hang of it soon!


It is...


It was...


It will...


It would...





Places You Want To Visit

The Meadow

The meadow is very soothing. It will calm you down if you are angry and/or upset. Hannah Tupper lives by the meadow because she thinks that it is peaceful.

The Dolphin

The Dolphin is a boat owned by Captain Eaton. He has a wife, Mistress Eaton and a son, Nathaniel Eaton. The boat may smell, but it is a great place to relax and get everything off your mind. You'll love traveling on the Dolphin!

The Meeting House

The Meeting House is the place where Puritans go, so I hope you're a Puritan. Uncle Matthew will probably make you go because you are part of the family and he wants you to follow his religion, but you may choose to be a Quaker, like Hannah Tupper. She does not attend the Meeting House.

Hannah Tupper's House

Hannah Tupper's house may seem scary at first but it is also very peaceful. Her shelves are very decorative with trinkets from her seafaring friend and she has the perfect little table for delicious blueberry cake!



Puritans believe strongly in God. They believe that he directed all things to an intelligent end. They also believe that Adam and Eve were the first two humans on earth and created more of us. This religion is different from others because other religions play and gamble on Sabbath (A day of religious observance and no work), while Puritan sit quietly at home or in a Meeting House to gain a better understanding of God.


Rachel Wood (Aunt Rachel)

Aunt Rachel is very welcoming. She is very happy even though her two sons had died. She will be very kind to you. You can definitely count on your Aunt Rachel to be friendly to you...all the time!

Matthew Wood (Uncle Matthew)

Uncle Matthew on the other hand, is not as friendly. He is mostly angry because he wants things to be exactly how he wants them. If someone were to argue with him, he would prove them wrong. He is very stubborn, all the time. You probably want to get on his good side.

Mercy Wood

Mercy is very kind and soothing. She cannot work outside in the onion field with her sister Judith because she is disabled from a fever when she was young. So she works in the house, sewing, cooking, cleaning, knitting, and spinning wool.

Judith Wood

Judith may seem very annoyed by you at first, but she will definitely get used to you. Once you get to know her, she is super fun and friendly! Judith is also the same age as you!


This video is about the Salem Witch Trials. It shows how this group of young women were thought to be witches because they were experiencing strange and delusional behavior. They went to many trials and 100's were accused of being a witch. Eventually, 19 were hung. This is like The Witch Of Blackbird Pond because Hannah was accused of being a witch just like these ladies so she must have been experiencing these strange behaviors and they must have taken her to trials like these where she was proved innocent or guilty.


Wethersfield Clothing

People in Wethersfield wear simple clothing in colors such as black, grey, and white. Their clothing must also be modest and not stand out. It also shouldn't be tightly fitted on your body and it must have sleeves. You CANNOT show your shoulders at all.

Barbados Clothing

Coming from Barbados , you wore vibrant colored dresses that were fit for the warm weather. The nice, thin silky texture as you sat on the beach must have been paradise! This is going to be a big change for you because Connecticut is much colder! Brace yourself for the winter that will come.

Women Clothing

Women in Wethersfield wear long dresses that do not show their knees or shoulders. There clothes do not stand out. They are usually in colors such as black, grey and white. This is not like Barbados where women wear vibrant colored dresses that usually show the knees and shoulders.

Men Clothing

Men in Wethersfield usually wear pantaloons and a shirt. They also wear starched collars called ruffs, knee length trousers called breaches, along with stockings and boots. On an occasion, they wear jackets called dublets. This is also not like Barbados, where men wore comfortatable pants and a shirt.

People You Should Meet

The Cruff Family

Prudence Cruff is very kind. But, on the other hand, her parents, especially Goodwife Cruff are mean and hurtful. They do not feed Prudence very much so she looks skinny. They also say that she's dumb, but she's really intelligent, if you give her a chance to show you.

Hannah Tupper

Her Relgion

Hannah Tupper is a Quaker. She pays a fine in order to not attend the Meeting House every Sunday. She never participates in wars. She is very peaceful and believes that anger is never the answer.

A Witch

Many people accuse Hannah Tupper of being a witch. She has gone to the Townhouse twice because she was accused of witchcraft. People say that her house had been flooded to the top and she was still able to survive, proving that she had a magical power.

Her House

Hannah Tupper lives in a small house on a meadow near Blackbird Pond. She thinks that it is peaceful there, so she hasn't moved, ever since her husband has built the house.

Her Personality

Hannah Tupper is very sweet. She offers you supper and delicious blueberry cake if you're feeling sad, even though she doesn't have a lot of money. She also gives great advice if you have any problems. She's great at cheering people up!
Puritans and Quakers

This prezi shows how the Puritans and Quakers came to be. It also shows the similarities and differences between the two.


In conclusion, Wethersfield will be a great experience for you...if you follow these 7 tips! Have fun in Wethersfield!