A trip to Cambodia

Heading to Angkor Wat

Location of Angkor Wat

It is located in South-East Asia, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Planing on going in the summer with my grandfather
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Taking the air plane will be the best way to head to Asia
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I'm going to have to start walking a lot just so my feet doesn't cramp up
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  • Clothes
  • Tooth brush
  • Money
  • Passport
  • License


  • Get passport information from Washington D.C.
  • Already have a licenses
  • No Debit card, cash


The language they speak is khmer, which my parents speak. I somewhat understand it and can barely speak it.


Family lives there, so we would go to my grandmothers house because she lives there.

Fellow Travelers

I am going to travel with my grandfather.

Food and Drink

Rice, Vegetables, Lots of whole grain things, All homemade


Grandpa speaks both languages so he can translate to me


My grandpa has money so he pays for both of us. (which is sweet) and i'll have to save up too

Anticipated Challenges

The challenging part would probably be the stairs and the walking. Also it's "supposedly" haunted so the ghost of the past would be challenging too


Ancient Megastructures - Angkor Wat