!There are so many types of winds !

What is wind and what is the cause of it ?

What Is wind and what causes it ?: Wind is the movement of air caused by differences in air pressure and the uneven heating in the atmosphere.

What are local winds and how are they created?

local winds are winds that move at short distances and that winds that can blow any direction. Also they are caused by geographic features and their temperature changes.

What are sea and land breezes?

A Sea breeze is when the sea is cool and the land is hot and the sea breeze is occurred in day time . A land breeze is totally opposite of a sea breeze and it is occurred at night time.
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Now what are global winds and how are they caused?

global winds are the combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis effect caused global winds.


This is a type of wind that occurs in very hot and dry places where there normally is not that much wind. and the equator line is where there is usually hot temperatures(where the winds are caused are near the equator line ).
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What are Prevailing Westerlies?

Prevailing Westerlies are wind belts that are found near 30* to 60* and they also flow from the west to the east.
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What are Prevailing Easterlies?

these have wind belts to 60* and are mostly meant for creating the cold weather around us.
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What are Jet Streams?

These are high-speed winds that blow in the top of the top of the troposphere and the bottom of the stratosphere also it separates warm air from cold air.

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!Those are some examples of the different types of winds!