ENSC Family Notes

December 14, 2015

Happy Holidays

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and happy winter break! I hope that our students and parents/guardians are able to spend some down time with family and friends. The holidays bring people together as we are reminded of what this time of year truly means to each of us.

Thank you all for the support your give to your children and our district. It is an honor for me to be a part of a school community that values education and partners with our teachers to ensure everyone is successful.

Happy Holidays!


Newly Approved Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

If you have been following the news, No Child Left Behind is officially "left behind." Many of the Federal mandates are being removed with an emphasis on local/state control!

Key highlights of ESSA include

  • Shifting key decisions about accountability, educator evaluations, and school improvement to state and district authorities.
  • Updating the definition and delivery of educator supports to ensure personalized, ongoing, job-embedded activities are available to all school staff.
  • Allowing states to limit the amount of time spent testing and decide how much weight to give tests in their accountability systems.
  • Requiring state accountability systems to include both academic and other indicators of school quality, such as student or educator engagement or school climate and safety.
  • Requiring state plans to show how they are improving conditions for learning, including reducing bullying and harassment and addressing behavioral interventions that compromise student health and safety.

Moving forward, successful implementation of this new bill at the state and local levels will be key. Educator input on state and district policies covering testing, accountability systems, and how ESSA can best support the whole child will be critical to ensuring that the bill truly works for students and schools.
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ENSC is Committed to Energy Conservation

Kudos goes out to our maintenance staff, custodians, and all of the others who have committed to saving energy and protecting our environment. In return, ENSC has saved or avoided nearly $1 million in energy costs. This is a result of individuals creating simple habits of turning off lights, removing mini refrigerators, adjusting to slightly cooler building temperatures, and many other simple habit changes. In addition, our maintenance department and custodians continue to make mechanical adjustments and install energy saving controls and lighting that contribute to saving energy and dollars.

It is important to know that this change in habits by our students and staff continues to make a difference every day. Something as simple as turning off lights continues to save funds that impact our General Fund and Capital Projects Fund.

ENSC Board Meeting

This week's ENSC School Board meeting will be held at the Central Office. The agenda is fairly light with an award presentation by our SROs and approval of the School Board Meeting dates for 2016.

ENSC Hour of Code…A Success!

Last week, students in East Noble schools celebrated Computer Science Education Week by participating in the National Hour of Code. Nearly all students in grades K-12 were exposed to coding through a variety of activities from interviews with experts, to investigating coding through apps on their iPads, to creating actual products such as holiday cards and dance videos using code. Pictured below are students in Mrs. Herber’s second grade class at Rome City Elementary. Technology Integration Specialist Ann Ventura introduced these students to code through an app called Tynker, and the students enjoyed learning how to code in such a fun manner.

Thank you to all the staff members and students who participated in the National Hour of Code!

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Unsung Hero

Rome City Elementary has a new, but familiar face to East Noble in the office this year. Ann Robbins is the new secretary/treasurer for Rome City! Ann left East Noble for a short bit, but knew her passion was to be back in a school working with staff and students. Ann has adjusted well at Rome City. She fits great with the staff and community. Ann has quickly learned student’s names and has become familiar with families quickly. She is very efficient and has great things to share in the office at Rome City. We are proud Ann has started back with East Noble, and we are glad she has decided Rome City is the place! Welcome back to East Noble Ann!


Rome City Elementary

Students at Rome City have been busy spreading their holiday cheer by showing just how much they care. The students have been busy collecting canned goods for the Helping Hands organization. The students were challenged by Mrs. Krebs to bring in more goods than last year. Students also made special Holiday gifts for staff. Students will be giving staff holiday gifts for the 12 days of Holidays. Students had fun making and eating the special treats.

The Holiday Winter Program was performed to a packed audience by our 1st, 3rd and 5th graders this past Thursday. Each grade sang 3 fantastic songs led by our own music teacher Mr. Michael Cary. 1st grade was all dressed up in festive red colors and sang “Jingle Bell Parade”, “Peppermint Candy Cane” and “Up on the Housetop”. 3rd grade sang “Time to Get Ready for Christmas”, “Deck the Hall” and a crowd-favorite called “Winter Wiggles”. The 5th graders wore their ugly Christmas sweaters for their first number “Ugly Sweater”, got chilly with “Winter Wonderland” and finished their program with a rousing rendition of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. All students came together to lead the whole audience in “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”! Thank you Mr. Cary for putting this winter program together this year!

To promote technology, Mrs. Ventura came and talked to students in each grade about the hour of code. She explained what coding was and how specific it needs to be in order for it to work. Students were given time to explore coding apps and quickly realized that if they didn’t give specific, step-by-step directions the command would not function properly.

The 6th grade has been spending success time working on fractions. To apply them to the real world the students have been working with recipes to increase, decrease, and find the quantity per serving. The class they made Chex mix by doubling the recipe and making enough for each student to have the same amount. 6th grade students are also studying matter. This week they conducted an experiment to see how the use of baking soda, and vinegar would affect candy canes. The students followed the scientific method to record the data, make predictions, and see how their overall experiment worked. The overall class favorite part was watching the bowl fill with bubbles when large amounts of vinegar were added, and the peppermint smell created from the candy canes in the mixture.

South Side Elementary

South Side’s weekly update comes to you this week from our third grade team! The third grade classes wrapped up our study of rocks with a visit from Irving Materials, Inc. During the course of our exploration, students learned about how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks are formed. The representative from IMI discussed the types of rocks that are found in Indiana including our state rock, limestone. She explained the amount of training and further education students would need to work in their industry. Students were given the opportunity to make a concrete mold to keep. IMI presented each of our third graders with a collection of 9 rocks from Indiana and 1 rock from Michigan. In the classroom, we used the rocks to conduct various experiments.

The third grade classes participated in our holiday music program. They sang a variety of songs about holidays that occur in the month of December. During one song, students demonstrated their new recorder skills by playing along.

Wayne Center Elementary

Wayne Center students have been busy, busy!!! This week grades 1, 3, and 5 performed in their Winter Music Concert. First graders focused on different beats and rhythmic patterns. They were very enthusiastic during their performance. Third graders showed off their beginner recorder skills while fifth graders focused on harmonizing. It was a blast to watch and a successful night for Mrs. Mettert.

Also, this week was our annual Jar Wars fundraising event. Students at every level have been very excited waiting to see who will receive a pie in the face! This is a fun way to get students involved in donating change to help a family in need this holiday season. Fourteen staff members volunteered to have their picture on a jar, knowing that the top three will receive a whip cream pie in the face on December 18th. While we won’t find out the winning staff members until Monday, December 14th, we do know that Wayne Center students raised a total of $717.63!! What a great team effort!! Keep watch for who the lucky staff members will be!!

East Noble High School

When you think of your days spent in a high school math class, it usually evokes a strong response. Most people either really loved math, or really disliked it. Math often has one right answer with many complex steps and rules along the way. Employers, and higher education folks are telling us they want and need people who are great problem solvers and teammates. Math is the perfect class to perfect those skills. When we focus on the process we learn how to apply. That’s the key to becoming good problem solvers, and when collaboration replaces isolation, and communication replaces correctedness, you create the conditions for kids to learn skills they keep with them for a very long time.

This week Geometry students have been using geometric transformations in a project combining math, art, and English. For the final product, students will present a figure of their own creation that has been translated, rotated, and reflected in various ways on a poster. Students will write instructional steps that could be followed by another student, as well as a short essay reflecting on the project.

Freshman Geometry classes have been working with special pairs of angles and properties of Algebra. They have had their first look at geometric proofs and are learning to make connections with the given information, the picture, and what they need to prove. The next unit will focus on angles formed by parallel lines and a review of writing equations of lines. We have also started a program called Math Mastery that does a spiral review of math concepts that continue to show up in all of the math courses. The second half of Geometry has been working with setting up and solving proportions. They are applying that to similar polygons to find the height of various objects. We have also started a program called Math Mastery that does a spiral review of math concepts that continue to show up in all of the math courses.

Algebra 2.1 students are currently working in solving quadratics and using their skills to solve initial velocity problems. The students completed a Math in Basketball project where they determined how to shot the perfect free throw by calculating the shooter’s release height, initial upward velocity, and the acceleration of gravity. The students then used desmos.com to graph the path of the basketball. In Alg 2.2, the second half students are studying many concepts about Parabolas and will be applying their knowledge to quadratic equations to solve problems involving velocity, area, and revenue.

In AP Calculus, students have begun learning the second major topic in Calculus, integration. Students first started to learn the topic by computing Riemann Sums (approximations) but have now started computing actual integrals. They have learned that visually integration means area under the curve and are also using graphing calculators to verify their work. Integration will become a much more important topic once we begin computing areas and volumes of different objects.

East Noble Middle School

Eighth grade Language Arts, students recently finished learning about different kinds of figurative language and writing a Poetry Anthology. To celebrate our hard work, we had a Poetry Slam with some of the other language arts classes. We also continually use No Red Ink to brush-up on grammar skills and Study Island as an extension to the standards we are focusing on in the classroom. To finish off the grading period, students are reading a variety of short stories that contain irony. Who doesn’t love a story with an ironic twist at the end?

Eighth grade Social Studies students on the Blue and Green teams are creating Revolutionary War diaries. They have to pretend to be a person who lived during the Revolutionary War and tell about the events from the point of view of the character they chose to be.

There will be a band concert on December 16 with a dessert bar before the concert. Tickets to the dessert bar are $5, the concert is free.

Avilla Elementary

This past Wednesday evening OUR school celebrated the season with the Winter Music Concert. Students in kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grade participated in the event. OUR students did an outstanding job. We would like to thank Mr. Smith for putting together a spectacular show for the 28th year. OUR community came out in droves to support OUR students once again. We are truly blessed to work in such a caring community.

Following the music program, students and adults alike were invited to make “Reindeer Dust” in preparation for the BIG DAY! The National Elementary Honor Society helped students bag up the reindeer food. Thank you to everyone that attended the music program and the activity afterwards.

OUR PTO has once again transformed the PTO room into a department store for OUR kids. Students will be able to shop this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All classrooms have signed up for shopping times on one or two days. Items will be available for all family members including parents and grandparents. Items are priced from $1-$5. If you would like to volunteer to help wrap presents for OUR kids please contact the school at 897-2301. Thank you in advance for making this time of year special for your child/children. Thank you to OUR PTO for taking the hours and hours to bring this shopping opportunity to OUR kids.

Students in 6th grade are wrapping up their argumentative unit. They have been pretending to be investigators at a crime scene. They have looked at all the clues and have supported that thinking with evidence. Short video clips of court scenes were viewed and our writing their paper from the perspective of a lawyer. Next week students will have the privilege to hear from Mr. Tipton from Tipton Law Firm in Avilla. He will present the same crime scene to OUR students as he would in court. Students then will have a chance to compare their argument with his. What a great way to show OUR students just another way that writing is important in the adult workforce.

North Side Elementary

This week at North Side was busy as ever. The highlight was the first musical performance of the year. First and third graders showed off their musical talents with some singing, percussion, and recorder performances. Led by Kavin Ley, in his first performance as music teacher at North Side, the two groups performed for a large crowd and did a wonderful job. Special thanks go out to the wonderful custodial crew, the teachers who put in extra time to help coordinate the event, PTO volunteers who ran a baked goods table, upper grade teachers and students who helped bring in the nearly 200 chairs needed, and all the others who helped make the evening a smash. It is so great to have a school community pull together for the kids!