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Patra Pinda sweda (PPS)

  1. Treatment details: This is considered to be an advanced and luxurious massage done by four to five therapists. A complete body massage is done with suitable oil and then fomentation is given to the whole body with sacs containing herbs, which have the property to reduce nerve inflammation. PPS can also be given locally to reduce pain and inflammation in specific areas.
  2. Benefits: reduces painful conditions, improves circulation, brings in sense of well-being, alleviates stress, strain and muscular fatigue.
  3. Duration: one and half hours.

Kashaya Seka

  1. Treatment details: This is another traditional treatment mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts. A complete body massage is done with suitable oil and then 8 to 10 liters of medicated herbal decoctions suitable for the individual’s health need is poured systematically on the whole body by four to five therapists.
  2. Benefits: used extensively in aggravation of specific energies (Vata, Pitta and kapha) and bring them back to balance. Strengthens ligaments, muscles and nerves, improves skin quality, eliminates toxins and reduces anxiety.
  3. Duration: one and half hours.


Pancha means five and karma means treatment. Five types of classical therapeutics, which are mainly used for purification, and elimination of toxins are known as Panchakarma. Purification or eliminations is a natural instinct of the body and our body has its own wisdom for clearing out the impurities, which are produced by physiological functions. However, there are certain situations when this wisdom or immunity becomes impaired and does not perform its function properly and so physicians have to help to re- establish this natural mechanism otherwise the toxins start accumulating in the body which leads to serious imbalances of the tridoshas and cause damage to normal bodily functions leading to various diseases.

The principle of Panchakarma is to trail the path of toxins in the body, reach the target and bind it. After binding with the toxins, it is gently pulled or eliminated from the body through the following gentle procedures. Each procedure is specific for a particular dosha imbalance or a combination of them. The selection of a particular procedure is based on the individual’s age, sex and medical situation. This is decided after a detailed consultation, examination and investigations as required and the physician will recommend the most appropriate Panchakarma or a course of rejuvenative therapies.

  1. Vamana: this procedure involves the induction of emesis for removing kapha toxins. This is specifically indicated in chronic allergic asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  2. Virechana: involves induction of purgation for removing pitta toxins specifically indicated in digestive problems, liver problems, constipation, obesity, skin and metabolic disorders.
  3. Basthi: medicated herbal enema mainly for removing vatha toxins. It is also beneficial in removing pitta and kapha toxins. Basthi could also be used as a rejuvenative procedure in extremely debilitated persons where special rejuvenative herbal preparations are administered as retention enemas. Basthi is specially indicated in high blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety, stress and vatha related problems.
  4. Nasya: involves nasal administration of medicated oil. This is beneficial in removing kapha toxins from the head and neck regions. An excellent treatment in chronic head aches; migraines, sinusitis, rhinitis, thyroid and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) related problems.
  5. Rakta mokshana: specific quantity of blood is removed from an affected skin area either by vene puncture or using leaches. Highly effective in diabetic wounds, abscesses and chronic non-healing external ulcers.
  6. Vamana and Virechana treatments are accompanied by a pre-procedure administration of medicated ghee/ oil for three to four days in order to bind the accumulated toxins at end tissue levels. When the binding is complete it is eliminated either through vamana or virechana.Equally important are the post-procedures, which involve regimented diet and activities for two to three days. The above treatments are administered based on individual’s health condition. Not all these treatments may be recommended to one individual.

    The healthy feeling one gets after a proper Panchakarma is an amazing experience. Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma to all individuals periodically to maintain good health and youthfulness. The duration of these Panchakarma treatments would range from a minimum of eight days to twenty-eight days. Panchakarma is not suited for those who are in a hurry or to those who cannot control their indulgences in diet and activities.


  1. Rejuvenative - Those treatments that help individuals to recoup normal health after an illness and also as maintenance for already healthy persons.
  2. Treatments for ailments - AROGYASIRI has Ayurvedic treatments for all minor and major illnesses specially targeting at diabetes, obesity (over weight), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardio-vascular problems, arthritis, joint pains, skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema, paralysis, fibromyalgia, allergic asthma and other respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, alcoholism, psychological and stress related problems, sleep irregularities, depression, sexual disorders, infertility, hormonal disturbances, uterine problems, menopause syndrome and many more.

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