MakerSpaces in Our Libraries

Understanding the Potential for MakerSpaces for our students

What is a MakerSpace?

MakerSpaces are difficult to define. Essentially they are a "space" where students are allowed to explore, collaborate and learn by "making" or creating. The power of MakerSpaces is that it is student-driven: students experiment and explore what is of interest to them. MakerSpaces can take many forms and be as high-tech or low-tech as the materials available within them.
What is a MakerSpace?

Why a MakerSpace in Your Library?

Additonal MakerSpace Readings & Resources

MakerSpace Symbaloo by Shannon Miller

My MakerSpace Wishlist

Lynn Kleinmeyer

Lynn Kleinmeyer is the Teacher Librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate, a 2nd-5th grade building in Council Bluff's Lewis Central School District. Prior to becoming the Teacher Librarian, Lynn taught 7th grade Reading for 13 years in Plattsmouth, NE.