September Newsletter


What Upcoming?

October CC Meeting- You have until Sept 18th to register for this meeting! As a reminder, ONLY registered attendees will receive an amenity at the meeting. And being the last meeting before the holidays, I bet its a GOOD gift! My meeting will be Oct 13th at 6:30pm (that's Monday). If you have difficulty registering, let me know and I will be happy to help.

Rising Stars Camp- Kerrie (my direct upline director, for those who don't know who she is yet) has just announced the dates for this year's RISING STARS camp. This is a training retreat is an AMAZING opportunity to build your skills and network with other successful consultants. You HAVE to be a SENIOR CONSULTANT to attend! What does this mean? You have to have 2 qualified consultants underneath you. Registration is by Oct 31st and I WANT all of you there will me. Recruit those girls during this Rebate Incentive and make it there girls! DATES Jan 13-17th

Recruiting Incentive- Last til end of SEPT. The deal is IF your new girl joins between now Sept 30th, she has 30 days to sell $600 and then BOTH you and her get a FREE medium tote. If she duplicated that by selling another $600 day 31-60, she'll get her $99 back! Push this incentive girls! It's a GREAT chance for new girls to get FREE Christmas gifts and make some cash to pay off their gas for traveling over the holidays!!!

NEW TOT- If you haven't noticed, TOT has had a facelift! It's completely remodeled and restructured. The SEARCH box actually works! You may remember the search button in the OLD TOT wasn't very helpful, but it works wonders now!

USIE Photos- Check out the Challenge Kerrie posted on TEAM EARLY ROCKSTAR Facebook page. Shes asking us to post a pic from our party to see who has the BIGGEST turnout...and what better way than a USIE! (plural for selfie) Make sure you tag me in your posts!

SEPT Hostess Exclusive Options- As you know we have a "surprise" exclusive that will change monthly for our hosts. For Sept it's the Spirit Bundle, for only $30 you can get a pink or navy "package" of a cinch sac, picnic cooler and zip top organizing tote! Pretty great buy!


GOLD STAR: (over $500 a month)

Jenny Black $604

Hilary Pratt $1000

Leah Bruce $1265 WOOOOOZAAA!!!!!!!

DREAM BUILDERS: (recruited a new girl)

Leah Bruce- Candi Donald

WELCOME ABOARD: (new teammates)

Hilary Pratt- ALREADY QUALIFIED, Whoop Whoop!

Candi Donald

Melissa Floyd

I BEAT MY LEADER! Catherine's PV: $1281

(new category formed this month, if you beat your director's personal volume)

Leah Bruce was SO CLOSE!

*Reflective of August #s (unfortunately no 'highlights' for July)

September 'Slipping' By!

Double Take Tote- This bag is NOT in the catalog. Customers can ONLY get it THIS month IF they host a party. They don't have to do a homeshow-- can be facebook party or catalog party too!

All Day Tote- This is an AMAZING buy at $15! Remind each guest of this great deal at check out. If they don't have it written on their order form to purchase, remind them Christmas is 3 months away and that's a GREAT gift!

Fundraisers- School is back in session and kids will be fundraising for school, sporting events, civic groups and clubs. Get in front of the coach, PTO, and troop leader and ask if you can "HELP" them raise money. Make sure they understand you want to help and give back to their cause!

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October is "OUR" month!

Christmas- Shopping for holidays really does begin in October. People want to beat the mall rush and "enjoy" their holidays. Use this as a "selling point".

Retro Metro Special- 50% off all month when you spend $35! FABULOUS DEAL!