Paws To Read

Joe L.

Why I Chose This Quote

I chose this quote because this is basically think of when I am reading a good book. When I am reading a good book I feel like I am right there with the characters trying to solve the mystery with them or things like that.

About Me

I am a Prairie star student in 6th grade. I am 11 years old and about to go into 7th grade. I play lots of sports. I have read a lot of books and I really enjoy it. My favorite would probably be a biography about Pele, a famous soccer player. I really liked this book because I am already a big fan of soccer and I thought that his life was very interesting.

I am a mystery or sports book person. I am a big fan of Mike Lupica and the Hardy boys. I have read many mystery books and also sports books

Ten Things about me as a reader

  1. Covers do matter because i like to see them because then it can give me an idea of what it can be about
  2. I love sports books, especially one by Mike Lupica
  3. I also like Hardy boys. I really like Joe in them.
  4. I use the JOCO library a lot.
  5. Whenever i finish a book I always get a huge rush of adrenalin
  6. I love Blue Balliots books.
  7. Also Roland Smiths.
  8. I always eat snacks while i read.
  9. I hate reading from an electronic device, i love reading from the actual books
  10. I have never met 1 author.

My Latest Blog Entry

Zac Brown Band – Free [Official Video]

Song That Expresses My Feelings When Im Reading

The song above is called, Free, and it is by Zac Brown Band. I chose this song because when i am reading I usually read on my window sill so I just love it because it just gives me the feeling of being free.

My Favorite Book Genre

I really like the adventure books because i just love going on adventures. Whenever I'm reading a good adventure book i love that feeling that i am right there with them.
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