Space Clouds Gone Wild

Space Clouds

What is it?

Space clouds are composed of heavy gases like hydrogen and helium and they are composed of many other gases as well.

What are they made for?

Space clouds are usually for the forming of new planets and stars.

How big are they?

These space clouds are the biggest things in all of the galaxy. They can get up to 300 light years in diameter.

How do space clouds affect us?

Scientists hypothesize that space clouds are the reason for many extinctions on Earth years ago. It can cause the icing over of earth or an ice age. It also messes up the atmosphere of earth-like planets causing the Earth to have great amounts of rain fall and less breathable air. clouds also have the effect of blocking off the sunlight from reaching the Earth. This causes great amounts of darkness which is caused by the interstellar dust the cloud creates.

Is there any today?

There are space clouds appearing all the time in the universe. The nearest space cloud is called Lynd 1641 and it is located 1566 light years away.

Types of Space Clouds

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum: looking through galactic space clouds
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A Tour of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds | NASA Space Science HD Video