Petroleum Engineering

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Job description

Petroleum Engineering is an industry that has been around sense 1814 and sense then has been on of the most rewarding careers. This job focuses on getting hydrocarbon material (crude oil or natural gas) out of the ground as efficiently as possible.


To be a petroleum engineer you must obtain a bachelors degree. This usually includes taking basic science classes such as Chemistry, Calculus, differential equations and physics.

Pictures of Job

Salary any where from 170,000 to 260,00 dollars


This job is not only national but is global. You could work anywhere in the world as a petroleum engineer!


This career does not have ranks, but the longer you have worked in the job the more your annual salary increases.


What I find interesting about this career is the science behind it. This job is one of the worlds most important each nation has to have oil or gas to produce money because of how much oil and gas trade plays into our culture.