Love is the best medicine.

"Man's best friend helps us through struggles now I need to do the same"

5 Tasks of a Vet

  1. Treat animals for healthcare and injuries
  2. Examine animals and determine what' s wrong
  3. Teach animal owners how to care for their animals
  4. Prescribe medication for an animal
  5. Train and supervise workers who handle and care for animals

5 working conditions for a Vet

  1. Private clincal practices
  2. Work in areas that are generally noisy
  3. May be kicked, bitten, or scratched
  4. More than a 40hr work week
  5. Can be called in a case of emergancy late at night

Degree/Certification/Training necessary

Degree Required:

Doctor of Veterinary

Two Classes Required:

  1. Calculus
  2. Physics

Yearly Salary Range & State

Yearly Salary Range:




By: Bailey, 4th Period