Bubble Champion is a huge hit!

Bubble Champion was the first YOBSN game that became available both on iOS and Android devices. Even though it's still being completed we are already getting many comments from the testers who have been very enthusiastic.

Here's what they are saying:

  • "Must say it is a pretty addictive game! And I certainly don't play games at all :)
    Graphics are superb! Very clear and enticing. Well well well..who would have thought that I would really enjoy games?
    Thank you very much to the team. Much much better than watching the propaganda on TV :) " - Juricz - New Zealand

  • "These different games in Bubble Champions are brilliant and I enjoy it much better than the Candy Crush game which I found it's the same pattern over and over which sometimes can became boring,but with the Bubble Champion :-) it's exciting and the levels become challenging which is great." - Mario - Australia

  • "Graphic and images are super awesome on my IPAD Retina as well as on my Android Note 3 phone. Both my kids just loves the games and are even addicted to play before getting to school. Improvement of the sounds to the games made a lot of changes and effect." - Kuganath - Malaysia

  • "I am loving playing the Bubble Champion game so far. Animation is smooth and I like the speed of the gameplay, not too fast, not too slow and does required some hand and eye coordination to achieve the best results even having the aiming aid for assistance.Nice work team, I can't wait for the next installment!" - Damian - Australia

  • "The game's stupendously fun, so much so that you’ll be totally consumed by it to the point that your eyes may not focus on distant objects, as have mine after playing the game. Gosh.... I must be showing my age but the games addictive and by heck its FUN! And here is rather cunning 3-year-old who plays foul by giving me the ‘I’m gorgeous’ look, then running off with my phone to play the game." - Greg - Australia

Bubble Champion is just one of five games and each of these games are awesome!!

These games are real and even though the development is still finishing, they are being played every day.

Reviewers who are enjoying these five games are seeing awesome updates every few days and the games are already amazingly fun!

Very soon they will be in everyone's hands and pockets.