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Great Opportunities For All At Face Forward

Whether it is that you have been a victim of domestic violence or that you feel the need to help people who have been victims of domestic violence, there is only one place that you can do so. There are very many people, including friends and family that have suffered in their homes due to domestic violence. The intensity of the violence might differ from one individual to another but in most cases the effects of the ordeal are the same. In this day and age, there should not be any one who is victimized by domestic violence.

There are very many programs and organizations that help people who have been victims or are victims of violence. Most of them need volunteers and interns or anyone who can help make sure that the lives of these victims are restored. However, one organization that has really benefited from interns and volunteers is the Face Forward organization.

This organization helps restore the physical features, especially facial, that are disfigured due to domestic violence. The interns are taken through all that they need to do in the given duration and also what they will benefit from the experience. The internship period is usually in the spring, summer and the fall. The interns that are needed in the program are those that take courses in marketing, business, advertising, communication, graphic design and also public relations.

The gratification of helping these women and children, who have undergone such a horrible experience is overwhelming. And the experience and skill that you will get from the internship will also be very valuable. Deborah Alessi who is the co founder of the organization is among the top humanitarians today. With the help of her husband and co founder of the organization, they not only help the victims of domestic violence but their organization also helps students get ready for their careers.

The organization also needs help with the event planning and such related activities for their annual galas. The galas are usually hosted in different areas and very many people including celebrities attend them. It will therefore give anyone working for the organization a chance to mingle and make an impression on some of the most influential people in the society. You can also be a member of this prestigious organization and help give much needed support to these victims. You can become a member by registering on the organization’s web page any time.

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