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To Our Students and Their Families-You've Made A Difference!

As Thanksgiving Day approaches,

Our blessings we recall,

The things we are most thankful for,

We recollect them all.

You are really special,

In all you say and do.

You’ve made a difference in our lives;

We’re thankful now for you.


The PPS Team


Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 8:30-9:30am


Do you have questions about grading, report cards or progress codes? Please join us for a focused conversation before your parent conference. Any other questions? We're happy to respond!

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REMINDER: If you'd like to schedule a PPT, please contact your child's special education monitor; Mrs. Barbara Oxer, Assistant Principal and LEA representative or Mrs. Ashley Connaughton, PPS Clerk.


The Special Education Subcommittee (SES) also known as the Educational Difference Support Committee (EDS) is a committee of PTAC and advocates for the needs of students who have a disability/difference whether learning, physical, or comprehensive. The committee helps families become better acquainted with educational options for their children, and provides a network of support for parents/guardians. The committee shares information and resources about the special education process and services available in the Greenwich Public School system to help each child realize her/his fullest potential. Ms. Sarah Varghese is our representative to the committee and you may reach her at sarahjvarghese@gmail.com.

So, you're going to a PPT...


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From the Desk of Laurie Swan, PT

The American Physical Therapy Association held their annual conference November 4th. This year’s theme was Physical Therapy in the Schools. Physical Therapy is a related service under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for students aged 3-21, who have a disability that interferes with their educational performance and ability to benefit from their educational program. Physical Therapy in the schools focuses on functional mobility, safe access and participation in educational activities.

School-based Physical Therapy differs from Medically-based Physical Therapy. School-based therapy is not intended to meet all of the therapeutic needs of a student; rather it is intended to ensure that a student can have access to his or her education. Students receive PT in school in order to work on motor skills that are necessary to function in school (basically sit, stand, transition, walk up and down stairs, manage doors). Everything a school-based therapist does in the school setting must be relevant to the student’s educational needs.

School-based Physical Therapy service is a valuable part of Special Education. Therapy works best in schools when it is incorporated as part of a team approach to provide the most effective educational outcomes.

Teaching Listening Comprehension to Special Ed Kids: Strategies for Supporting Special Ed Students

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