Viterbo University

Howard-Suamico School District #316 Cohort

EDUC 580: Children's & Adolescents' Literatrue

Adjunct Instructor: Crystal M. H. Cook, MSEd

Course Dates: November 16 - January 31

(winter break Dec. 21 - Jan. 4)

Course Format: Blended

In Class Dates: Nov. 16, Dec. 2, Dec. 16, Jan. 13, Jan. 27

District Training Center, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Graduate Credits: 3

Course Description:

The focus of this course will be on developing lifelong reading habits and an appreciation for a variety of literature. Students will explore the use of literature across the curriculum and grade levels K-12. We will also examine the use of literature to enhance reading skills and practice as well as to develop an appreciation for diversity.

Texts & Readings


Miller, Donalyn (2014) Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits. Education Week Press. ISBN-13: 978-0470900307

Hollie, Sharrocky (2011) Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning. Shell Education. ISBN-13: 978-1425806866

***Additional outside children’s and adolescents’ literature individually selected by course participants (more information provided on WELCOME day Nov. 16)


Layne, Steven (2009) Igniting a Passion for Reading: Successful Strategies for Building Lifelong Readers. Stenhouse Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-1571103857

Course Objectives:

Graduate level students in the course are expected to demonstrate:

  1. the ability to discuss the historical background related to children’s and adolescents’ literature
  2. the ability to develop strategies for increasing children’s and adolescents’ appreciation of literature
  3. the ability to evaluate and select appropriate literature for children and adolescents
  4. the ability to develop skills in evaluating and incorporating literature, including culturally and linguistically diverse literature, into lesson plans
  5. the ability to evaluate the images of childhood revealed in children’s and adolescents’ literature
  6. the ability to suggest and evaluate appropriate technology applications which complements the use of children’s and adolescents’ literature in the classroom
EDCU 580: Children's & Adolescents' Literature Syllabus

*SAMPLE DRAFT of the EDUC 580 course syllabus; please note that the instructor reserves the right to edit the syllabus until the official start date of the course

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Wisconsin Teaching Standards -Teachers know:

  1. how children grow & learn differently.
  2. how to manage a classroom.
  3. the subject area and how to teach with best practices.
  4. how to test for student progress.
  5. how to plan different kinds of lessons.
  6. how to self-reflect and evaluate themselves.
  7. communicate and stay connected with others.

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Meet Your Instructor: Crystal M. H. Cook

Crystal M. H. Cook has worked in education for 15 years in Northeastern Wisconsin. She has been a teacher at both the elementary and middle levels, a literacy specialist at the middle and high school levels, and currently works as a teaching and learning coordinator for the Howard-Suamico School District. In this role, she leads the school district’s literacy teams and oversees the coordination of Title I programming. Crystal co-chairs the District’s Literacy Focus team. This team is responsible for reviewing the literacy program and developing a comprehensive and unified plan that incorporates personalized learning to focus on closing the achievement gap. In her free time, Crystal enjoys traveling and patronizing Wisconsin supper clubs with her family. She also enjoys cooking and collecting books such as dictionaries, banned books, Little Golden Books, Dr. Seuss books, and Christmas literature. When she is not working, you can find her on a beach or on a cruise to get to a beach. In addition to Children's and Adolescent Literature, Crystal also teaches Content Reading and Study Strategies. Please feel free to contact her with questions about earning your #316 or #317 license.