How to Use A Compass

By: Amaela Bruce

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Compasses: What You Need to Know

Compasses are a perfect way to find cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West) or even find your way when you are lost. Before I show you how to use a compass, I'm going to tell a couple of things about compasses.

1. A compass always points north, no matter where you are

2. The compass's south pole (the red needle) is attracted to Earth's Magnetic North

Earth's Magnetic Field

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The Magnetosphere, the dark blue is the shield that protects us from charged particles , that could kill us. The inner part is called the Earth's Magnetic Field is formed because the inner core spinning faster then the outer core which makes flowing molten iron in the outer core and the Earth's magnetic field act like a giant magnetic. The Earth's Magnetic North is always North and the Earth's Magnetic South is always South.

How A Compass Works

How a compass works is very simple, the southern point of the compass needle (the red part) is attracted to Earth's Magnetic North. Which makes the red part of the compass's needle always point to Earth's Magnetic North. It always points to North, making it reliable in finding the other cardinal directions (South, East, and West) or other directions for that matter.
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Basic Parts of A Compass

Let's talk about the 5 basic parts of a compass

1. Compass needle- red part always shows where North is

2. Compass Housing- the turn able part of the compass

3. Direction of travel arrow- the line that shows what direction you would travel

4. Orienting arrow-the area the compass needle should end up in.

5. Orienting lines- the lines on the compass housing showing the degrees

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