By Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by Bridget in grade five

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you were in the middle of the forest and suddenly all the trees burst into fire, leaving nothing but a blue stone? Would you go and pick it up and examine it? Eragon does. Would you take it home? Eragon does. The first few nights are peaceful. But then he hears a tip tap tap one night. He checks around his room. Seeing nothing he goes back to bed. At midnight he is awakened again and sees the stone shivering on the floor. Tip tap tap tip tap tap. Before his very eyes, a dragon hatches. Now one of the legendary dragon riders, Eragon and his dragon Saphira go on an adventure to avenge his dead uncle with a poor storyteller named Brom who somehow knows magic… Follow them on their entrancing journey!

My favorite part is when Saphira hatches. Eragon reaches out to touch her and… BAM! He gets shocked by some mysterious force, and when he gets up, there is a strange symbol on his hand. Another good part is when Saphira learns how to talk to Eragon through their mind link. “Eragon. ‘You can talk?’ Eragon. ‘Is that all you can say?’ Yes.” I could go on for at least two hours like this because there are so many good parts! The end is really awesome but you will have to read it because I am not giving away any spoilers!

I would totally recommend this book to any fourth and fifth graders. It is by a New York Times bestselling author who got in the Guinness Book of World Records! This is an amazing story with twists and turns around every corner. Once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down! Luckily it is a series so you will follow Eragon through not just one, but four books! This is a must read, so what are you waiting for? I suggest you go to the library and check it out! I guarantee you will love it!