HMS Upgrade

By: Justin, Avery, Kate, and Jadon

Flight and StuCo

Flight and StuCo will be able to add more students in this upgrade and they will have teachers pick students who they think are a good choice for whatever they are trying to do instead of letting students choose their friends.

Other upgrades

Also in these next upgrades kids will be able to participate in more assembly events, and students also will be able to be in all sports of their choice even if they aren't in 8th grade for football they will have their own league of 6th and 7th graders.

Fun Day

Guaranteed to be fun and challenging.

School time

Kids will be able to have fun in 8-11 hours of school kids will be able to stay for 11 hours of school to learn and have fun while having more time to finish projects and or fun time and if parents cant pick them up, so that gives parents more time to come and pick their kids up, and only 2 core classes each day switching back and fourth and can have only two extracurricular for the whole extra 2 hours and the other two will be for the next day. Also kids can choose their favorite classes and which hours they want to do them.