Wolverine Update 3.3.2016

Super Bowl Edition

Game Changing Momentum

We sent out mid-terms last week (Friday) to get a snapshot on our progress. There are plenty of opportunities to improve and earn more grades this quarter. We also need to keep in mind that preparations continue for GMAS. "Our Super Bowl" is still a ways off, but the work we do each day prepares us for success.

What's happening.....

Math- volume

ELA - adding detail: figurative language

Sci- 'sum of parts': matter vs. mass

ss- Great Depression

Vonn Miller says "The game is not just the quarterback!"

Parent's guide to homework

Its natural as the year progresses for habits and routines to take over. Every now and then, it's good to step back and review progress. Sometimes we all need a pat on the back for the good choices and market corrections for the areas that need improvement.

Consider the following:

1. Students have homework each and every school day.

2. You can follow up and check on our eclass homepage.

2. Have your student show you their homework even if it is 'completed'.

3. Ask them: Did you ask a good question in school today?

4. Follow up with: What was your question?

5. Make time to discuss their question or other school related topic.

Think of the time as an investment in your child and their future. The few minutes you take each day to do this builds trust and communication. This will be invaluable to your student's middle grades success and beyond.

Parent Teacher Conference Reminder

Please do sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. We have slots available for the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Also, please remember that the 24th and 25th are half days for students, so your student will arrive home or to their after school program earlier than usual. (School dismisses around 1 P.M.).

Valentine's Day Celebration Feb. 12th

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year. The following day, the 15th is a student holiday at school. With that in mind, we will celebrate Valentine's day with a card exchange on Friday the 12th. Last week, a class roster was sent home with Friday Folders and basic guidelines. Recap:

1. Students may choose to participate but it is not required.

2. Students who participate must bring a card or treat for all of their classmates (28 total kids).

3. There will not be a party, but students will be able to pass out their cards, treats Friday morning during homeroom time.

4. The rest of the day, we'll be pursuing our normal academic schedule.