What an outstanding start to the 2014-2015 school year we have had! The Class of 2018 is showing great school spirit, character, and dedication to doing well in all facets of life in high school!

Algebra 1 First 6 Weeks

  • Unit 1: Developing the Skill of Solving Linear Equations in one variable (2.5 weeks)
  • Unit 1: Test Sept 10-11
  • Unit 2: Relations and Functions (2 weeks)
  • Unit 2: Test Sept 24-25
  • Skill Quiz is every week: Student is assessed on various skills per six weeks. The first 6 Weeks skill is order of operations.

Biology Scope and Sequence 2015 -2016

Biology Scope and Sequence 2015 -2016

1st Six Weeks

Unit 1 (14 days): Nature of Science - Interdependence

1. Scientific Investigation

a. Lab Safety

b. Experimental Design

2. Levels of Organization

a. Levels of Organization

b. Body Systems

3. Characteristics of Life & Classification

a. Characteristics of Life - living vs. nonliving

b. Binomial Nomenclature - (scientific naming)

c. Dichotomous Keys

d. Taxonomy

e. Characteristics of Kingdoms

f. Bacteria

g. Viruses

h. Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 2A (7 days): Chemistry of Life - Cell Structure

a. Bonding (water)

b. Biomolecules

c. Monomers build polymers

d. Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis

e. Enzymes

Pre AP extension - Catabolic vs. Anabolic Reactions

Unit 2B (7 days): Cell Structure and Transport - Homeostasis

a. Cell theory

b. Reinforce prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic

c. Organelles

d. Specialized cells

e. Cell membrane

f. Passive/Active Transport

g. Maintaining homeostasis

h. Surface Area to Volume Ratio

3rd Six Weeks

Unit 3A (7 days): Energy / Metabolism and Botany - Metabolism

a. Structure of the leaf

b. Transport and specialized cells of plants

c. Plant response and adaptations

d. Plant reproduction

e. Leaf adaptations

f. Plant pigments

g. Photosynthesis - Chemical reactions in light dependent and light independent reactions

h. Cellular Respiration

i. Anaerobic vs. Aerobic

j. Compare and contrast cellular respiration and photosynthesis

3rd Six Weeks Continued….

Unit 3B (7 days): Molecular Genetics - Genetics

a. DNA

b. DNA Replication

c. RNA

d. Transcription

e. Protein synthesis – Translation

4th Six Weeks

Unit 4A (4 days): Cell cycle/Cell reproduction - Reproduction

a. Cell Cycle

b. Disruption of Cell Cycle (Cancer)

c. Mitosis

d. Reproduction types (sexual/asexual/cloning)

Unit 4B (10 days): Gametes & Heredity / Genetics - Reproduction & Genetics

a. Meiosis

b. Gene mutations - point and frame shift

c. Karyotypes

d. Mendel

e. Non-Mendelian

Pre-AP Geometry 1 First 6 Weeks

Chapter 1: Algebra Review and Intro to Geometry

Chapter 1 Test: End of 3rd week of school (September 10th/11th)

Chapter 2: Reasoning and Proof

Chapter 2 Test: End of 5th week of school (September 24th/25th)

Chapter 1: Algebra Review and Intro to Geometry

Chapter 1 Test: End of 3rd week of school (September 10th/11th)

Chapter 2: Reasoning and Proof

Chapter 2 Test: End of 5th week of school (September 24th/25th)

*Students’ grades will come from weekly Quizzes and Unit Tests/Projects. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with homework, as it will not be collected for a grade. Note: A student is only eligible for a retest if they complete all homework assignments.

World geography 1st six weeks

Unit IA- Chapters 1-3: Basics of geography, geographer’s tools, forces of the earth and physical geography

Unit IB- Chapter 4: Basics of human geography, economics, political systems, culture and demographics

Summative grades- World map, Chapters 1-3 Test

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During the first six weeks, English I classes will discover, develop, and demonstrate how reading and writing workshops take place at the high school level. Besides reading several assigned short stories, students will have many opportunities to read books of their choice and to share some of their great writing. We can’t wait to hear their book talks where they get to “sell” their book! Should be fun!


SWAAG/Agenda: With the A/B schedule we are encouraging all 9th graders to have agenda for writing down homework due and planning study time for quizzes and tests. Every teacher should have a SWAAG (School Week at a Glance) board in their room that is updated every Monday. Encourage your Freshman to use the agenda in every class, every day! If your student needs agenda help and skills, send them to C110/Mrs. Magryta before or after school and the AVID students will be glad to help.


Shirts, locks and lockers will be given out for PE. Students need to get black athletic shorts or pants, tennis shoes and socks. Students must dress out every day.

Picture Announcements


Well, I was informed we will do what my original plan was, school pictures through social studies. That's because classroom rounds will be through English.

So terribly sorry for this seesaw.​