Teen Read Week 2015

October 19th - 23rd

Earning Tallies...

Students can earn tallies throughout the week by READING and participating in various events that support Teen Read Week. By earning tallies, students are working towards a field trip to Barnes & Noble! The field trip will take place during a school day, and students will receive money to shop at Barnes & Noble, as well as money for lunch!

Read below for simple and fun ways to earn tallies!

Weekly Activities

Reading Coupons

You can earn tallies by reading outside of school! You will need to submit a reading log with a parent signature to show that you have read for at least 30 minutes each day to earn tallies.


Stop Often And Read! During SOAR time, students may earn 1 tally for every 10 minutes of reading.

Library Trivia

Stop in and see Mrs. Merrill and Mrs. Currier each day in the Media Center for a piece of a trivia puzzle. Collect a hint each day to help solve the puzzle at the end of the week.

"Get Caught Reading"

You can earn 1 tally for reading 15 minutes while in Academic Lab. Give your Academic Lab teacher a heads up that you will be reading!

Get Creative!

Redesign the cover of your favorite book or make the best comic strip. One tally will be earned for entries that show effort was used. The student who designs the best cover or comic strip with earn 5 tallies.


On Wednesday, October 21st, there will be a school- wide read-in after school in the Media Center. Relax, read, and earn tallies!


Monday- Reading ROCKS!

Dress up like a Rock Star!

Tuesday- Faction Day (Divergent)

7th & 12th grade- Candor (wear black and white)

8th grade- Erudite (wear blue)

9th grade- Dauntless (wear black)

10th grade- Amity (wear yellow)

11th grade- Abnegation (wear grey)

Wednesday- Get Away Day

Your favorite getaway destination or dress up as a tourist.

Thursday- Dr. Seuss Day

Friday- Favorite Book Character Day

Ice Cream Social

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 6:30pm

5705 New York 96

Romulus, NY

Join us for the Ice Cream Social on Thursday, October 15th at 6:30pm. Bring your parents to chat about Teen Read Week and enjoy a "cool" treat. Students who attend the Ice Cream Social with their parents will earn a tally.

Teen Read Week Committee

Mrs. Wasney Mrs. Bartlett

Mrs. Merrill Mrs. O'Neil